Could Wearing The Wrong Thing Cost You Your Vote?

If you vote, Election Day is one of the most important days to pay attention to what you wear. You can be denied access to polling places just for wearing the wrong thing.

Electioneering ordinances prohibit campaigning within a certain distance of the entrance to a polling place (distances vary by county). This means wearing buttons, stickers, jewelry, signs, clothing or other paraphernalia supporting or opposing any candidate, political party or measure is prohibited. The prohibition even extends to candidates and measures that are not involved in that particular election such as President Obama. Displaying slogans and symbols that can be related to political movements or parties on your person such as “don’t tread on me,” the Gadsden flag and tea bags are also bootable offenses.

So, what can you wear? Any clothing without slogans or symbols are safe. If you choose to express your political opinions on your person on Election Day, be sure to bring a jacket or coat that fully covers the campaign clothing/paraphernalia to wear while voting. Alternatively, you can also wear the American flag, red, white and blue or the color of your political party (i.e red or blue).

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