Welcome Home!! – Ring Ring Please Come Home!

UPDATE Nov. 16, 2010: The ring came home today!!! Thank you everyone for your prayers and intentions to bring it back! It was found in a pawn shop on 11/4/2010. Thanks to the work of friends, the Houston Police Department and the District Attorney’s office, it was confiscated and returned. The ring came back even cleaner and sparklier than when it left for it’s “vacation.”

This isn’t the usual tips, cool stuff, and how-to post. Today I’m writing to ask for your help. My engagement ring was stolen from my home (in Houston) this weekend (Aug 14) and today I’m writing to ask if you would help me find it. Would you check your local pawn shops in Houston and surrounding areas and let me know if you find it?

It’s unique and should be easy to identify if you spot it. Here’s a picture. It’s a gold ring with a 2.8 carat oval center ruby, surrounded by diamonds and ruby baguettes, size 7ish.

Wouldn’t this be a great story if Twitter, facebook and social media helped find and get the ring back?!

Thank you so much for your help!

P.S. Of course there’s a reward for the person who finds it and helps me get it back!

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