Field Test – La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and White Caviar (Part 1 – The Products)

There are lots of ways to fight the signs of aging. Medical spa treatments use lasers, peels, and medicines to remove dark spots and wrinkles. These treatments can be expensive ($250-$500+ per office visit); involve down time (time for the skin on your face to recover from the treatment); some ingredients, such as hydroquinone, used in the treatments are harsh or have scary side effects; and often a series of treatments is needed to get the desired results.

I’ve been on the hunt for home treatments that provide professional results. Almost every cosmetic line in boutiques, department stores, and drug stores claims to have products that reduce wrinkles and fade dark spots. Most over-the-counter home treatments promise significant results, but often don’t deliver. In my experience, they work best for preventative maintenance, but don’t significantly transform or restore the skin.

These are the best I’ve found so far in my quest, and reKinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System does a good job reducing wrinkles and fine lines and restoring glowing skin. Mary Kay’s Timewise Even Complexion Essence does a good job lightening age spots without harsh ingredients. Note, dark spots are tricky and hard to fade because they begin deep in the skin layers. Fading them takes time (about 8 weeks) and takes committed daily application.

The “word on the street” is that the most effective over the counter treatments for wrinkles and age spots come from La Prairie. La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion reverses fine lines and wrinkles and White Caviar fades dark spots. Yeow! They are pricey!! But if they work, the price of a full treatment is about the same as one office visit for a medispa treatment, so it may be worth the price tag. That’s what I plan to find out.

La Prairie has generously offered samples of these two treatments for me to try. So, I’ll be testing them out to see how they work and posting before and after pictures along the way, so you can come along for the ride. My field test begins next week (May 18).

Here’s what I’ll be using:

La Prairie White Caviar (Illuminating Serum, Illuminating Cream, and Illuminating Eye Serum)

I’d love to hear if you’ve used them and about your experiences with them and other anti-aging products you’ve tried.

Here are links to the rest of the series:

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