Field Test – La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and White Caviar (Part 3 – Test Day 1)

This is Part III Of The Field Test Series.

Day 1 of my field test is here! I opened up all the packages and gave the products a try. They look, feel and smell so luxurious! Here is a video of my first experience of the products. I’ll be using them morning and night for the next 30 days. I’ll check back in a week with an update on the progress to see if/how it’s all working.

Update (May 19): I didn’t expect to see any results yet, but I’m already noticing a change, so here’s an update.

Day 1 (May 18): after the second application in the evening, my skin already felt softer.

Day 2 (May 19): a couple hours after the evening application, I noticed a very thin layer of skin began sloughing off when I rubbed the skin on my face. There is no discomfort, redness, or freaky face…just softer, smoother skin.

Day 5 (May 22): Husband says, “Your face is lighter.” Translation: “The scars are lighter and your skin-tone is more even.” πŸ˜€ I’ve noticed that the surface scars around my mouth and lower cheeks are getting lighter.

Day 6 (May 23): I realized that I consistently miss applying the products to the apples of my cheeks…I can tell because the skin-tone rest of my cheeks is evening out. This morning I changed the way I apply the products to I get even application across my whole face. I’m stunned by how well this stuff is working! I never expected to see results this fast and can’t wait to take pics on Wednesday for show you the progress.

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