La Prairie Field Test – Cellular Power Infusion and White Caviar ( Part 5 – Day 38 Update)

It’s Week 6 of the La Prairie field test. As of June 24, I’ve been using Cellular Power Infusion (CPI) and the White Caviar System consistently morning and night for 38 days. I’ve missed about one application a week in weeks 2-6.

CPI lasted to day 35 (amazing since the two vials were only expected to last 20 days) and the sample of White Caviar eye serum lasted 37 days. The White Caviar face serum and cream live on, so I’ll be using them until they’re gone. Here are updated pictures and a video so you can see the progress since the beginning. The results show up better in the video than in the pics.

Day 1 (left) Day 38 (right)

Right Side Of Face: Day 8 (left), Day 38 (right)

Left Side Of Face: Day 8 (left), Day 38 ( right)

The thinking lines in my forehead have smoothed out a lot and my face is much softer and soother. The jowl skin might be firmer. The under eye area is significantly lighter.

The skintone on the right side of my face has evened out significantly! There are still some age spots/scars on the upper cheek, but even they are lighter and closer to my base skintone. I don’t use concealer on that side of my face at all anymore (except under my eye).

The left side of my face started out with much more sun damage and more dark spots. Some areas of the left side of my face have evened out and many age spots and scars are left. It usually takes 8 weeks to see significant skin evening…so I’ll keep going with the White Caviar and keep my fingers crossed.

Here is a video with close-ups of the results so far. I’m speaking slower than usual so the camera can keep up!

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  1. Keep up with the tests becaus ethey are really useful. This one of the skin gives me the info I need to know since I´m travelling to Argentina and I know sun there affects people in a different way because of the position of the country. The apartment for rent in buenos aires I got, has a swimming pool and a solarium, so I need to be aware of the dangers if I want to get suntanned!

  2. Hi Nikki, so glad it's helpful for you! Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen…prevents a multitude of issues down the line.

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