How To Dress A Muscular Body asked me “How to Dress With A Muscular Body?” Here’s the video I created for them to answer that question….

Thank you  Tweak Style Boutique in Houston, Texas for providing the beautiful space, garments and accessories for the video shoot. All the dressing tips and info/where-to-buy links for the clothing used in the video is below.

When you have a muscular body, your proportions are different than the generic patterns used to make most ready-to-wear clothing. You may have bigger arms, shoulders, bottom and thighs or have smaller waist and hips than the typical pattern.

Off the rack clothing may be tight in the arms, shoulders, bottom or thighs. Or they may be too loose in the waist or hips.

The key to dressing this body type is getting a good fit. You’ll probably need a custom fit to get clothes to look great on you. If you’re buying clothing off the rack, choose clothing that fits the largest muscular areas of your body, and have the rest of the garment altered by a tailor to fit you.


Our model Paige has a swimmer’s body, with broad shoulder and muscular arms and back. When fitting her, we’ll get a shirt that fits her shoulders and arms. Then we would work with a tailor to take the shirt in in the waist and ips.

Model is wearing:

Thank you Curtis “Trey” Leitko III of for filming, editing and creating the video.




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