TV Segment: Work Wardrobe For Every Budget

This story begins airing on Deals on the Livewell Network on April 13, 2013. A special thank you to Dillard’s for providing the location, clothing and accessories for the segment. Kiana did the shopping, styling and modeling as part of her internship project. Tips and info about the items shown are provided below. Thanks for watching!

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When you are looking for a deal, here are some things to keep in mind.

    1. Getting a great deal isn’t just about getting an item “cheap,” it’s about getting a great value for your money. When you get more, it can be worth paying more.
    2. Getting a deal takes time, patience and creativity. Convenience can be worth paying more for.
    3. When you are going for a deal, you are limited to what’s available on the sale rack or in the off-price store or thrift store in your size. You may need to visit different stores, go back at different times and use some creativity to make it work.
    4. Where to find your deals
      • Sale rack at your favorite store. Ask your favorite sale person to call you if an item goes on sale.
      • The Junior’s Department – Shopping in the junior’s department can cut your cost by 50% or more. Junior’s sizes are cut smaller, so you may need to go up a size or two if you shop in that department.
      • On-line auctions sites – sales are usually final here, so try an item on in the store to make sure you like the size or fit before buying.
      • Big-box department stores like Target, Walmart, Kohls, JC Penny collaborate with Designers. You can find some nice items at lower prices at these stores.
      • Off-price stores like TJ Max, Marshalls, Ross, Steinmart
      • Thrift and resale shops.
    1. Designer or pricier garments are typically made from finer fabrics, have more durable fabrication, finer details, and better fit. So when you are recreating your look with less expensive items, you usually can’t duplicate a look exactly. Instead, look for similar elements in your deal look
      1. Garment styles and cuts,
      2. Fabric and material types,
      3. Colors,
      4. Proportions,
      5. Combinations.

Here are some inspiration looks and their corresponding deal looks


Look 1 – Crochet Work Dress

Department Store Look (from Dillard’s Missy Department) – Total cost of look: $234

      • Green Crochet Lace Dress by Signature Robbie Bee – $90
      • Brown Leather Belt – $45
      • Michael Kors brown leather pumps – $99

You can often find similar looks for less in the Junior’s department. Keep in mind ,you may need a larger size in the Junior’s department than you usually buy in the Missy department. Here is our Deal Look (from Dillard’s Junior’s Department) – Total cost of look: $87

      1. Green Machine Lace Dress by Cathy My I – $39
      2. Less expensive Brown Leather Belt – $16
      3. Brown leather pumps $32

The Common Elements in these two looks:

      • Dress color – green
      • Dress fabric – lace, texture
      • Dress style – short sleeves, jewel neckline, A-line skirt, knee-length
      • Belt color and material
      • Shoe color and material

You are never going to replicate an inspiration look exactly. There will always be some differences. The different is fabric makes the missy look more appropriate for a more formal work environment and the Junior’s look more appropriate for a fun and casual work environment.


Look 2 – Tunic and Skinny Pants

Department Store Look – Regular Department Store Price: $505

      • Orange Tunic Top by Calvin Klein, $69.50
      • Cobalt blue skinny pants by Elie Tahari $198
      • Leopard pony-hair pumps by Calvin Klein – $129
      • Four enamel and gold bracelets by Anna and Ava $20 each – $80
      • Dillard’s gold hoop earrings – $28


The sale rack is a great place to find deals. We created our deal look from the items that were on sale at Dillard’s – Total cost of look – $212.15

      • Orange Tunic Top by Gainni Bini $27.65 (regular price $79) (if this neckline is too revealing for your workplace, wear a a cami underneath for cleavage coverage)
      • Antonio Melani cobalt blue skinny pant $59.40 (regularly $99)
      • Ralph Lauren leopard pony hair pumps $45.15, (regularly $129)
      • Leopard Pumps by Calvin Klein – $32 (regularly $99)
      • Gold and enamel bracelets – $36 (regularly $78)
      • Dillard’s gold hoop earrings – $12 (regularly $24)

When we created the deal look, we repeated these elements from the inspiration look:

      • fabric – cotton tops, denim pants
      • styles – long-sleeve tunic tops, skinny pants high-heel pumps
      • Colors – We used the same color scheme for both looks
      • Proportions – we used slim fit on the bottom and volume on the top.

Here are the differences:

      • Neckline – the tunic in the deal look has a neckline that is too revealing for work, so we put a cami underneath to provide cleavage coverage.
      • The tunics are similar in length, sleeve length and different at the waist and neckline. You are never going to get an exact duplicate of your inspiration outfit.

Look 3 – Striped Skirt and Blazer

Department Store Look – Total price of the look: $406

      • Striped dress by Max & Cleo, $118
      • Black and white Tuxedo Blazer by Antono Melani, $199
      • Nude pumps by BCBGeneration Parade, color Cashew $89

Thrift stores can be great places for find deals. We created this deal look from items we found at Goodwill – Total price of the look: $29.97

      • Express blazer $9.99
      • Max Studio skirt $6.99
      • Nude pumps by Stewart Weissman Shoes $12.99

Common Elements in the inspiration look and thrift store look:

      • Styles – tuxedo blazers, striped skirt, solid top, knee length skirts
      • Colors – black accents on blazers, black white and blue stripes on skirt.

Differences between the two looks:

      • Fabric – the blazer fabrics and base colors are different.
      • The Thrift skirt has a different stripe pattern and hangs straight without the sarong drape
      • The Thrift look is made from a skirt and top instead of a dress


Look 4 – Work Dress

Department Store Look – Total cost of look: $279

      • Blue sheath dress by Jessica Simpson, $89.99
      • leopard pony hair pumps by Ralph Lauren $129
      • gold bracelet by Natasha $28
      • Gold necklace $32

Deal Look from Goodwill – Total cost of look: $27.98

      • Diane Von Furstenburg dress $9.99
      • Thrift store Leopard flats by Gap $4.99
      • Thrift store gold necklace $13

Common Elements:

      • Colors – dress, jewelry and shoes are all the same color
      • Styles – both dresses have a crisp look, similar hem length, jewelry is a similar size
      • Details – both dresses have an interesting details


      • Style – the dresses are a little different in shape, sleeve length. The detail on the department store dress is on the shoulder, while the detail on the thrift store dress in on the hip pockets.


Look 5 – Blazer and pants

Department Store Look – Total cost of look: $474

      • Tan Blazer by Giani Bini, $199
      • Orange pant by Antonio Melani $99
      • Preston York layered tank $39
      • Beige Shoes by BCBGeneration Parade, color Cashew $89
      • Lucky Brand necklace $48

Deal Look from Goodwill – Total cost of look $45.95

      • Orange blazer by Halogen $9.99
      • Cream Ralph Lauren slacks $6.99
      • Cream Peasant Top $5.99
      • Nude pumps by Stewart Weissman Shoes $12.99
      • Asymmetrical necklace $9.99

Common Elements:

      • Styles – blazer and full length trousers
      • Colors – same color scheme
      • Fabrics – similar fabrics


Colors – we swapped the colors around. In the department store look the pants are orangs and the blazer is cream. In the thrift store look, the blazer is orange and the pants are cream.

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