Diva’s Travel Survival Kit

Air travel used to be a glamorous and indulgent experience. And it can be again! This segment shows you 10 things to pop in your carryon bag to make your coach seat into a first class experience.

Here is a link to the segment. It begins airing on Mirror/Mirror on the LivewellHD network on May 5, 2009 in 10 cities (NY, LA, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Fresno, Raleigh/Durham, Flint, and Toledo). Check the website for local listings (http://www.livewellhd.com/).

Here is more information about the items included in the segment.

Keep It Together

Choose a stylish carry-on tote bag with padded straps and outside pockets to organize small items. Add a pretty luggage tag for some personality and to make it easy to return the bag if it’s mispaced. The examples in the segment:
– Leather Clava Luggage Tote ($170, http://careerbags.com/catalog/clava-luggage-tote-p-508.html)
– Causari Weekender ($95, http://www.casauri.com/carry_on_luggage/carry_all_weekender.shtml )
Bonjour Fleurette luggage tag ($12, http://www.flowerslippers.com/)

Cooty Control

You never know what the last person did with that airline pillow or blanket. Here are some items to make your seat more comfortable:
– A cashmere wrap dresses up comfy travel clothing and doubles as a beautiful personal travel blanket. White & Warren First Class Travel Wrap ($275, http://www.whiteandwarren.com/product.php?productid=1395&cat=102&page=1)
– A personal silk and down travel pillow can make that airplane seat so much more comfortable. Silk is cool and comfortable on delicate skin. The Silk ‘N Dreams Travel Pillow is easy to pack and comes with a washable silk pillowcase. ($45, http://www.silkndreams.com/product/neck-pillow.htm)
-Bring along your own earphones for inflight movies and music. Chicbuds are embellished with swarovski crystals and is retractable to keep the cords from getting tangled. ChicBuds ($49, http://www.chicbuds.com/)

Looking Good

Here are some items to keep you looking fresh and fabulous at 30,000 feet:
– Use a spritzer mist to hydrate and energize skin. The Body Deli Fresh Cell Liquid Vitamins can be used under or over makeup ($55, http://www.thebodydeli.com/)
-A baby aspirin and a cooling gel can keep legs from swelling. Cures Anti-Fluid Gel relieves swelling and increases circulation ($43 for body kit, https://www.curesbyavance.com/avance-products/products-curestogo.html?id3=323&–eqskudatarq=27&cart=12396647541812656)
– streamline your travel makeup with a mini makeup compact that holds everything you need for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Goddess Clutch from POP beauty ($32, http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=216665&catid=35839)

Smelling Good

– A solid perfume will keep you smelling sweet without leaking all over your handbag. Lush solid perfume ($10.95, http://www.lushusa.com/)
For fresh breath on the go, pop some breathmints or disposable toothbrushes in your bag.
– Colgate Wisp disposable toothbrushes ($2.39 for pack of 4, http://www.drugstore.com/user/promo.asp?code=1F742C55&aid=336064&aparam=colgate%20wisp&scinit1=colgate%20wisp)
– Eat Whatever 2-Step Breath Freshening with parsley & peppermint oil gel caps to keep your tummy fresh and a sugar-free mint to keep your mouth fresh (http://www.eat-whatever.com/)

Feeling Good

Here are some items to take the stress and pain out of your travel experience
– EarPlanes normalize air pressure in your ear canal during landing and take-off slowly to reduce the pain of pressure changes ($12, http://www.earplanes.com/)
– Psi Bands are fashionable acupressure wristbands to combat motion sickness ($15, http://www.psibands.com/)
– Balance Water is infused with 6 flower essences to combat jetlag, dehydration, motion sickness, the stresses of traveling, fatigue, poor sleep, and anger. Drink at least 2 hours before traveling. ($1.60, www.drink balance.com)

Thank you Southwest Air for letting us shoot in your gate area at Hobby Airport!

What’s Sarah wearing? Alberto Makali purple print dress (http://www.dillards.com/ $178), Enzo brown suede platform boots ($150), gold tone necklace (JS Collections, Harwin St. Houston, $5)

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