Plus Size Fitness Fashion

The worst thing about working out is the way we feel and look in most athletic wear. Feeling self-conscious about our bodies can even stop us from working out. Modern athletic wear is flattering and comes in sizes to fit real women. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing workout wear that’s Fabulous not Flabulous (TM)!

How To Choose Flattering Fitness Fashion

The Don’ts
Skip garments that add bulk to your body or turn you into a “diamond” (wide at the waist and hips)
– Oversized T-shirts
– Drawstring pants/shorts
– Coach shorts
– Leggings/bike shorts

The Do’s

For a flattering look, choose
Skirts/dresses – flattering for hips, thighs, and thick torsos
V-neck/scoop neck– gives a leaner look
Show The Good Stuff – show off your assets and show a little skin on your best parts (legs, arms, chest). This distracts attention away from the flaws.
Tiny Parts – Show off the tiniest part of your body (rib cage or waist)
Smooth Imperfections – look for garments made from compression fabrics to smooth the waist, caboose and thighs.
Boot-Cut Pants – This style makes your curves look great and counter-acts the “diamond.” Look for yoga pants, capris with flare, or loose shorts.
Flat Waist Bands – Smooth waist bands flatten the waist and tumm.
Prints – Camouflage lumps and bumps. Prints keep the eye moving so they never settle on a flaw. Wear prints on the flawed areas.

More Tips

Here are some more tips from a fitness fashion segment I did for Mirror Mirror. The story starts with sports bras with Oprah’s bra specialist Susan Nethero and then continues with tips about fitness wear from me…

Here are some sources for flattering fitness wear:
C9 Workout Skorts
Be Strong Pants (misses/women plus sz)
Gym Girl Skirt
Happy Hour Skirt
Sweetest Thing Skirt (with leggings)
Wonder Girl Tank
Wonder Girl Running Dress (women plus sz)
Ribbed women’s plus size tank top by All American Comfort
All American Comfort® Stretch knit boot-cut yoga pants with side stripes (women plus sz)
Champion® Plus Texture Tee (women plus sz)
Champion® Plus Texture Tee
Women’s Plus Size Work Out Clothing – Danskin Wide Leg Pant – Style #3093 –
Womens Plus Size Activewear – Supplex – 3687 Danskin Boot Leg Plus Size Pant
Women’s Plus Size Activewear – Danskin Skort W/White Piping – Style#3109
Women’s Plus Size Work Out Clothing – Danskin Straight Leg Crop Pant – Style#3100

Thanks for reading! Love hearing what you tried and what worked for you!

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