Rainy Day Fashion

Stormy weather doesn’t have to be a fashion liability. Pretty rain boots, slickers, and umbrellas can bring everyday style to even the wettest days.

There’s no need to wear ugly rain wear. Today’s rain gear is stylish, colorful, and practical so choose pieces that express your personal style and protect you from the weather. You’ll arrive at your destination looking put together and beautiful in spite of the weather.

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Tips For Looking Great In The Rain And When You Arrive At Your Destination

Clothing designed for sporting activities are made from water-resistant, breathable materials that are perfect for wet weather. These pieces repel water in a storm, dry quickly, and look fresh when you arrive at your destination. Keep a couple fashionable pieces on hand to work double duty as “regular clothes” for rainy days. Examples: golf skirt (Sarah, www.zappos.com/clothing), nylon hiking pants (Jaclyn, www.athleta.com/).

Choose footwear made of water-proof materials – plastic & rubber rain boots, garden clogs, plastic sandals, and Crocs are great choices.

Choose handbags made from water-proof materials – patent leather, rubber, micro-fiber all work well. Or pop your handbag into a waterproof reuseable shopping bag (www.rumebags.com/).

Pony tails and “up-dos” are the best hair styles for the rain because they stay neat and smooth even when wet.

Water-proof hats and umbrellas keep makeup lasting longer in the rain. Water proof eye-makeup and lip/cheek stains stay fresh in the rain.

The Looks

Urban/Sporty – These looks are sporty with an urban style. They are practical for walking or traveling by public transportation and have an eclectic, funky style.

Estella – pink swing jacket ($100, Hillary Radley), Ed Hardy Hounds Tooth rain boots ($100, www.zappos.com/clothing)
Nathalie – Lolë Cheerful jacket ($80), Tretorn Rigg Rain boots ($70), (outfit from www.zappos.com/clothing) and red San Diego Hat Co. rain hat (http://www.sandiegohat.com/)
Jaclyn – LTB Lerita Raincoat ($72, www.artfulwears.com/), Walleroo’s York hat, red & white rubber sandals ($7, Old Navy)

Classis/Elegant – These looks are updated versions of classic trenches with stylish details, unexpected colors, and new materials. They are perfect for professional occasions.

Sarah – Liz Golf Seasonal Essentials Skort, Cole Haan Transitional Belted Short Rain Jacket, La Canadienne Pulley Rain Boots (all from http://www.zappos.com/clothing)
Estella – orange trench (Hillary Radley), San Diego Hat Co. green rain hat (http://www.sandiegohat.com/), leopard Malindi flats (http://www.crocs.com/)
Nathalie – Liz Claiborne Bonded Cotton Inside Print Mac coat with floral lining (http://www.zappos.com/clothing), blue Nomad rubber shoes (http://www.shoebuy.com)/, blue “I’m rain delayed” umbrella ($44, http://www.cheekyumbrella.com/)
Jaclyn – Blue patagonia jacket, Hunter RHS floral garden clogs, (all from http://www.zappos.com/clothing) hounds tooth umbrella

Whimsical/Fun – These looks are bright and fun and bring a bit of happiness to a dreary day.

Estella – hot pink slicker, Marc Jacobs red boots with hearts ($150, http://www.zappos.com/), pink & orange “I sizzle in the drizzle” umbrella ($44, www.cheekyunbrella.com/)
Nathalie – blue patagonia jacket ($200, www.zappos.com/clothing), red/white/blue beach umbrella ($10,old navy), blue Kamik Mayzlo boots ($50, www.zappos.com/)
Jaclyn – pink/white floral jacket ($8, old navy), aubergine Hunter Original rubber boots ($115, www.zappos.com/), green umbrella ($14, Target)

What’s Sarah Wearing?
Liz Golf Seasonal Essentials Skort, Cole Haan Transitional Belted Short Rain Jacket, La Canadienne Pulley Rain Boots (all from www.zappos.com/clothing)

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