Workshop – Hot Mess To Cool Dressed: Transforming Closet Clunkers Into Wardrobe Favorites

Do you have closet clunkers? Clothes you’ve invested in but don’t put on – a brides maid dress you thought you could wear again, a jacket with lapels so wide you could fly, a frumpy blouse from the 1990s, a quirky vintage suit you don’t know how to wear, or pants you got on sale that just don’t fit? Now, you can finally do something with them!

Image Expert Sarah Shah is teaming up with her favorite tailor to transform your wardrobe ugly ducklings. In this 2-session workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to turn your old clothes into new ones you love:

· Expert analysis of your closet clunkers and transformation solutions

· Fitting and tailoring tips customized for your unique body and hard-to-fit parts

· How to’s for turning old clothes into new clothes

· Guidance for sorting your clothes at home – what to tweak, tailor or trash

· Tips for choosing your own tailor and how to work with them to get what you want

· Consultation with a skilled tailor to transform a garment

To register, call (713) 686-8587 or click the green button below to register online

Workshop & Transformation: June 29, 6–9pm

Reveal: July 6, 6–8pm

Fee: $149 (plus the cost of tailoring).

Register by June 17 to save $20

Bad Clothes Made Good

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