Party Dresses For Your Figure

How do you find the perfect dress? It’s the one that makes you look and feel fantastic. Here are some tips for finding a party dress that’s perfect for your figure  from Dress Yourself Skinny: Dressing The Body You Have, To Look Like The Body You Want):

If you have wide shoulders or narrow hips, choose dresses that balance your proportions by making your hips look fuller. Minimize shoulders and wear lighter colors below the waist or a full skirt. Here are two examples:

If you have a tummy, choose dresses that have a dark ombre effect or gathers/ruching around the waist/belly area. Here are two examples:

If you have a full bust, balance your proportions by minimizing cleavage and adding fullness to your hips.

 If you have a smaller bust, add volume to your bustline and minimize your hips.

If you have narrow shoulders or wide hips, balance your proportions by emphasizing your waist and making your shoulders look wider with boat necklines or embellished sleeves. Here’s an example:

If you are short-waisted, choose dresses with an empire waist to make your torso look longer.

If you are long-waisted, choose a dress with an undefined waist to make your legs look longer.

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