Closet Makeover: Frantic To Functional, Unsightly To Unbelievable (Part 1)

After all the clothes and accessories that don’t work are cleared out of the closet, there are still a couple steps to make your closet really work for you.

Getting dressed can be hard. Dressing is so much simpler when you do it in an organized, beautiful space that is easy to manage and supports your creativity. Leadership and Performance Specialist Mattison Grey calls this “creating a supportive environment.”

How do you organize a closet so it works? Here’s an example of my recent closet makeover. It took about 6 hours (2 hours on 3 evenings). I used items from around the house and spent less than $50 in supplies. The makeover is divided into five posts – Part 1 – Before Pics, Part 2 – Frantic to Functional, Part 3 – Concealed to Convenient, Part 4 – Unsightly to Unbelievable, Part 5 – The Big Reveal & After Pics.

Here is the closet before the makeover….

Before - The closet was a mess, partly organized and held lots of things that weren't wardrobe-related.


Before - Shelves were disorganized, held non wardrobe-related items, and under-utilized.


Before - Jewelry was hidden in drawers and boxes.


Before - The lighting was worse than a department store dressing room!


Before - Even more stuff stuffed into the dark, back corners. The junk caught on my clothes and tripped me in the dark.

As the closet makeover series unfolds, you’ll see the step-by-step transformation from uninspired closet to a fully functional dynamic space!  What makes your closet work for you? Please post your pics in the comments…I’d love to see what you did!!

Here are links to the other posts in the series

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The Ultimate Closet Makeover – Step-by-step tips for transforming your own closet

Here are more examples of pretty closets and display ideas.

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    • Thank you so much Mary! I got the idea from a woman in Houston who used to specialize in decorating closets. I wish I could remember her name. I couldn’t find her on Google when I was ready to upgrade my closet…so I did it myself!

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