Closet Makeover: The Big Reveal (Part 5)

From start to finish, this closet makeover took about 6 hours (2 hours on 3 evenings). I spent a total of $38.93 for 80 purple velvet hangers from Ross. The rest of the makeover was done for free with surplus items found around the house.

An extra wire DVD storage box was used for camisoles, a glass vase for tags and buttons, a (clean) cardboard wine box from the trash to display scarves, extra neck forms and mannequins for jewelry and clothes that are too small. A spare frame was used to display a scarf that is too short to wear. Paint left-over from other projects was used to paint baskets, boxes and other available containers to coordinate with the color scheme. An unused track-light fixture replaced the bare light bulb. Art and keepsakes from my personal collection were used for decorating.

To see the step-by-step transformation, check out links to the 5 part series at the bottom of this post. Here are the final results (click here for before pics).

Accessories jewelry and shoes are displayed so they are easy to see, reach and look pretty too. The butterfly stool (bottom left corner) is small enough to fit in the closet, but still provides seating for putting on shoes (and a place for the cat to hang out). The mannequin displays clothes that don’t fit…inspiration for downsizing and a way to see the clothes I love but can’t wear….yet. I rotate outfits at least once a month. My most favorite treasure sits on the left corner of the top shelf…right where I can see it every day. I found it at a yard sale in Boston for $1…it’s the one thing I’d save in a fire.

A favorite page in the scrapbook my mom made when I was little and a much loved teddy bear fill in an empty spot on the top shelf. It’s easy to turn the pages from time to time for a change of pace. I smile every morning when I see it. The blue boxes to the right hold family pics…where else do you store those? I have LOVE  handmade glass – this hand rolled vase holds tags and buttons. Practical and pretty. The camis are handy and visible on the shelf.

Top left – mannequin wearing a skirt and shaper capris, suitcase with shoes that are rarely worn. Bottom – a gift from a friend, a basket for winter items decorated with some fav earrings, and another basket with clothes for painting/cleaning.

Earrings are easy to hang on just about anything…

More glass…what a surprise! I scored the Missoni for Target glass bowl in the opening day stamped. A favorite bag on the top shelf, my high school alma matter…romulus, remus and the she wolf.

Most used handbags are now on a lower shelf for easy access instead of hidden away and forgotten in baskets. Lesser used accessories are displayed on upper shelves so they get some love, even if they don’t go out very often. On the left, there’s the cardboard wine box…turned scarf display.

Art on the walls is the finishing touch. Two of my fav prints hang on either side of the closet door and a framed scarf hangs in the narrow space above the door.

Now the closet is colorful, fun, personal, inspiring and easy for me to dress in. My days begin with fun and I’m creating new outfit combinations that I never even saw before. I can’t wait to do another one!

What have you done in your closet to make it more functional, organized, beautiful or inspiring? Please share it in the comments so we can learn from you too!

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  1. Have just made over my own closet. I used a coat rack for hand bags with straps or handles and it also holds other “bags” a woman has use for when going out for the day or on a longer trip. Hat rack on the wall space could have the same use. Occasionly scarves are hung with the bags is they coordinate. As an aside I use a belt hanger on the shower side next to my dressing table to hang necklaces on for quick choices.

    Lived seeing your make over taking place. Because I share a huge walkin with hubby it took us 32 man hours because we emptied cleaned then replaced or retired the contents !

    • Donna, A belt hanger is a compact way to hang necklaces. And a hat rack…perfect for hanging all kinds of items on a wall. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!!

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