What To Wear: Black Friday Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year! Are you venturing out? If so, put some thought into what you wear so your clothes support you rather than frustrate you during your shopping adventures. Here’s a survival kit to make your Black Friday (or any other holiday shopping trip) efficient.

Before You Leave

  • Make a list of who you are shopping for and what you want to buy. Bring along item info, coupons and pictures from websites, catalogues or ads.
  • Make a shopping plan with a list of stores you want to visit and the deals you want to get. Some deals are time sensitive, so plan your schedule, route and the order of stores you plan to go to accordingly.
  • Pack some snacks and beverages in your car or bag to recharge as you go.
  • Bring an envelope or pouch to manage all your receipts. This will make them easy to find later if you need to make exchanges or returns.

What To Wear

Choose your outfit for comfort and efficiency. If you are shopping for for yourself, choose clothing that slips on/off easily.

Shoes – You’ll be on your feet, so choose comfortable flat shoes that are easy to walk in. Opt for slip-ons in case you decide to try on clothing or shoes.

Purse – You’ll need both hands for shopping and carrying your purchases, so choose a cross-body bag that leaves your hands free.

Coat/Jacket – If you are shopping with friends, it’s easy to get separated in a swarm of shoppers, especially Black Friday mobs. Wear something bright or unique so you stand out and are easy to spot in a crowd. This will help you stay with your shopping buddies.

Clothing – Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in. Pull over tops and dresses work great because they won’t snag on merchandise or displays. They are also easy to get on and off in case you want to try something on.

Jewelry – Stick to smooth stud earrings and rings that won’t snag or tangle. These jewelry choices will make trying on clothes faster and easier.

Underwear – Wear comfortable underwear that won’t bind so you are comfortable. Shopping and crowds can be frustrating…no need to add uncomfortable underwear to that mix. If you are trying on clothes, make sure to wear underwear! Choose undergarments that will work with what you are shopping for. Wear or bring thongs for trying on pants and body conscious dresses, strapless bras for party dresses and tops, etc.

Here Are Some Examples


What To Wear: Black Friday Shopping

Happy Shopping!

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