TV Lesson: Looking Great On Camera

This article is published on JenningsWire, in my blog What To Wear Everyday: Real and revolutionary dressing advice for navigating dress codes, fashion trends, business and social events, the media and your figure/physique.

You’ve got your big break! You’ve got the media’s attention! You’re going to be on TV! Now, what the heck you going to WEAR??

Dressing for the camera is tricky. Most people know the camera adds 10 pounds…what most don’t realize is that their creadibility as an expert depends on how they look. TV is a visual medium and the first impression is even more critical in this environment.

On TV, viewers believe what they see first and your wisdom second. Your insignt and knowledge is the most valuable; however, viewers won’t trust what you say unless your image supports your words. When viewers don’t trust you, they change the channel…that is sudden death in the media world! Read more

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