TV Segment: You Wear What You See: 5 Easy Steps To Makeover Your Closet

This Segment begins airing on Mirror Mirror on the LiveWell HD Network on November 16, 2012. Click here to watch a video of the story. All the tips in the story are below, along with info about the items used to reorganize the closet.

As I’ve worked with my clients I’ve noticed that many people don’t wear most of their clothes, even the clothes that work for them. People wear what they see. If your clothes are hidden on upper shelves or at the back of the closet, they get forgotten and go unworn. Out of sight, out of mind.

Here are 5 steps to making your clothes and accessories more visible, so they are easier to wear.

1. Make clothing and accessories visible, even if they are stored inside drawers or closets.

2. Go Vertical – use the vertical space for stacking and displays. 

  • Use a painted wine box with dividers to display scarves. Place the box on a shelf  on it’s side with the dividers facing you. wad up each scarf so all the colors and patterns are visible and place each scarf in each section of the wine box.
  • Turn baskets on their sides. Roll camis, t-shirts or jeans and stack them inside the basket so you can see each piece of clothing.
  • Place shoes on shelves so each pair is easy to see. Stand flat shoes on end against back of the shelf with toes up. This allows you to put more shoes on a shelf and still be able to see them all.

3. Use Wall Space For Display

  • Hang handbags and shoes that you don’t wear regularly on wall hooks so you can appreciate their beauty everyday and  remember to wear them more often. Necklaces can also be hung on the wall with thumb tacks, tie racks or cup hooks.

4. Use Store Display Ideas

  • Display belts by winding them around an upside-down waste basket or hang them on the wall with nails or hooks.

5. Use your storage containers as display surfaces

  • Hang shoes and earrings on basket edges

DIY Projects – Make Your Own Jewelry Displays

Supplies: wooden picture frames (with glass removed), spray paint (optional), flexible window screen, staple gun, tacks and organza ribbon.

Option 1 – Cut screen to fit inside the back of the frame and staple in place. Spray paint the frame and screen in your favorite color and embellish at will. Hang earrings on the screen to display.

Option 2 – Spray paint the frame in the color of your choice and embellish to your taste. On the front of the frame, place tacks along the sides. Tie the organza ribbon around each tack. Hang your earrings on the ribbon to display.

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