TV Segment: How To Pick A Flattering Bathing Suit

This segment airs on Stretch Your Dollar on KRTK Channel 13 News on May 20, 2013. Thank you JC Penny for providing the location and swimsuits for demonstration! Here is a link to the story. Tips for finding the perfect swimsuit are provided below.

Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means it’s swim suit season! Trying on swim suits can be a trying experience, so here are some tips for finding one that’s flattering.

Choose The Straps Wisely: Watch waist bands, leg openings and straps to make sure they lie flat and smooth on your body and don’t dig in. If these bands and straps are too tight, they can dig in and cause your body to look lumpy and bulgy, no matter what your size. Look for wide waistbands and straps for a flatter, smoother fit that will make you look leaner and fitter in your suit.

Choose The Right Print – Geometric prints will magnify flaws because the regular print will be stretched disproportionately and look distorted in the “flawed” area, while the print will be regular and symmetrical in the other areas. Asymetrical prints, on the other hand, are more forgiving because when these prints stretch they won’t appear to be distorted so they will camouflage your trouble spots.

Swim Skirts Are Great For Hips – if you have a straight figure, a flared swim skirt will give you a more curvy appearance. These skirts are also great for women with full hips your curves will appear to come from the flare of the swim skirts, making your hips appear slimmer.

A-line Swim Dresses are super flattering for camouflaging tummies. The flare of the dress floats over your figure, erasing your tummy and making your waist seem smaller.




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