TV Segment: Strapless Bra Test Panel

This story aired on “Stretch Your Dollar” on KRTK, Channel 13 Houston on July 25, 2013. A special thank you to Method for providing the location for the shoot! Fitting tips and information about the bras shown in the story are provided below. Thanks for watching!

An ill-fitting strapless bra can slide down, spin around or even make you spill out. What does it take to find a great-fitting strapless bra? We asked  three women try a strapless bra for 10 hours and report back about the features that lead to a great fit. Here’s what we found…

Heather, Tomira and Metra
Heather, Tomira and Metra

The Test Panel

Heather (Bra Size: 32 A)
Store – Target
Bra – XHIL BG Seamless Bra $3.99 
She did her own bra fitting. The bandeau style gave her definition and a secure feeling that the bra was going to stay in place.

Tomira (Bra Size – 36 D)
Store – Soma Intimates
Bra – Ravishing Push-up Multiway , $45
The bra-fitting was done by a professional. This bra gave her a secure feeling without squeezing her ribcage, the cups were smooth, and it has a deep plunge cleavage to accommodate lots of different necklines.

Strapless Bra Test PanelMetra (Bra Size – 32C)
Store – La Mode Lingerie
Bra – Le Mystere convertible strapless underwire bra, $73,80
The bra-fitting was done by a professional. This bra had a little push up for a fuller look, a secure band so she felt like the bra would stay put, and a smooth shape so it looks great under clingy fabrics.

Sarah on TVTips For A great-Fitting Strapless Bra

  1. Shop The Right Department – If you have a small bustline, try shopping in the tween department. This department has a bigger selection of styles and sizes for a smaller chest, so you will get a better fitting bra.
  2. Get A Professional Fitting – Each person, bra style, bra manufacturer, bra size and fabric is different. It takes a trained professional to get a great fitting bra.
  3. No Slip – Look for bras with silicon along the top and bottom edges of your strapless bra. This edging will keep the bra in place and stop it from slipping and spinning.
  4. Better Bras Cost More – when it comes to strapless bras (and all bras), more expensive bras really are better than budget bras.
  5. Stretch Your Dollar – In the end, a few expensive bras that fit well will cost you less than a drawer-full of inexpensive bras that don’t fit (and you don’t wear).

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