TV Segment: Too’s, Two’s and To’s of Accessories

This segment aired on Great Day Houston on January 24, 2013. Here is a video clip of the segment. Tips and info about the items shown are below. Thanks for watching!

Accessories are the finishing touch, the icing on the cake. They turn clothes into an outfit. From an image perspective, When accessories are coordinated, they communicate that you pay attention to the details and take time to “do a job right.” Here are my Rules of Too’s, Two’s and To’s for accessories to help make wearing them quick and easy.


Everything you wear is an accessory to YOU.  Too many accessories are distracting and take attention away from you! In effect TOO MANY accessories act as camouflage to hide you. Here’s an example of TOO MUCH:

  •  Red dress (Antonio Melani, Dillard’s),  red print scarf ($22, Dillard’s) and red necklace, red bag (Cole Haan), red shoes (Jessica Simpson) from my personal collection.


When you wear tiny, invisible accessories or none at all, it communicates that you like to be invisible, don’t have confidence in your work, or don’t finish projects. Here’s an example of TOO LITTLE:

  • Red dress (same as above), pearl earrings, pearl bracelet, black shoes from my personal collection.


Two accessories are enough when worn with your shoes, bag, and wedding & engagement rings. More than that verges on TOO MUCH.  If you want more impact, wear bigger accessories or layer them. Here’s an example:

  • Brown linen dress, leopard shoes, wicker bag, multi strand pearl necklace, and wire bangles from my personal collection.


When you wear a neutral outfit, wear one color in two places or two different colors in one place each. Note, neutrals are black, white, brown, navy, denim, metallics, gold, silver, copper, and bronze. Here are two examples:


Accessories work together when that are  made from similar materials or have similar finishes (Shiny, Plastic, Natural)

What’s Sarah Wearing?

Studded jersey dress (Eloqui Long Sleeve Studded Dress, $52.49)


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