TV Segment: 7 Deadly Underwear Sins

This story aired on Great Day Houston on October 3, 2014. Details about the items and tips in the story are provided below. Thank you Dillard’s and Soma Intimates for the props! Here’s a link to the story.

Wearing the right underwear is the single most powerful thing you can do to improve your wardrobe and your body image. Good underwear creates the foundation for your outfit, giving you a smooth figure and correcting flaws. The wrong underwear creates lumps and bumps and ruins your body. Here are the seven most common things women do that kill a great outfit and solutions to keep you looking your best.

1.  Cups Running Over
- Small Bra Cups

Most women are wearing a bra that is too large in the band and too small in the cups. When the cups are too small, breast tissue spills over the top and out the sides of the bra. Bra-fitting is complicated and best left to the professionals. They understand “bra math” and the affects of different styles, brands, fabrics and sizes on fit. You will actually feel slimmer when your breasts are fully contained in the cups and the band is snug enough to lift the girls up above your waist.

2.  Wrinkles and Dents
- Worn Out Bras

We tend to wear our bras long after their intended lifetime is over. When a bra gets old, the cups get dented, stretched, skewed and wrinkled. Bite the bullet and replace worn-out bras. Lingerie is delicate and requires extra care. You can extend the life of your bra by hand-washing it. If you wash it in the washing machine, use the delicate cycle, a mesh bra-washing bag. Always use detergent made for lingerie/delicate fabrics/elastic (lingerie wash or ivory snow). Wool washes are made for wool fabrics and can damage elastics and spandex. Lay bras  flat on the bathroom counter , drying screen or  on top of the dryer to air dry.

3.  White Underwear With White Tops
- White Bras Do Not Go With White Tops

Nude underwear is the best color to wear under white and light colors. It’s practically invisible. Nude is a concept, not a color. The nude that is right for you is the color of YOUR skin.


 4.  Bulges And Rolls 
- Too-Tight Underwear

Underwear or clothing that is too tight causes  bulges at the site of the squeeze (aka muffin tops, back cleavage, visible panty lines).  Choose seamless underwear that lays flat against your skin. Hanky Panky stretch lace thongs and boy shorts work well for lots of sizes and figures. There are lots of Hanky Panky copy cats, but they just don’t lay flat. The Soma Vanishing Back Bra (front-close) has laser cut edges and a super wide band to minimize “back fat.”

Soma Bra & Hanky Panky Panties


5.  Thongs & Full Skirts 
- Watch The Crack!

There’s no delicate way to say this…if you wear a thong with a full skirt, the skirt can get caught in your crack. ALWAYS wear a brief or boy short with a full skirt so your butt doesn’t eat your skirt.

6.  Mis-Shapers 
- Body Shapers That Squeeze Instead Of Smooth

Some body shapers squeeze too much! When they are too tight, your flesh squeezes out the top and bottom creating boob-squeeze, thigh cilice, and muffin-tops. Look for a body smoother instead of a shaper. A high-waist long leg panty makes your body smooth and firm through the torso, waist and hips. Tuck it under your bra to keep it from slipping or rolling down.

Shapewear before and fter


7.  Unintended Visibility
 – Underwear That Shows

Plunging necklines, tank tops, camisoles, and halter-tops can expose bra straps, bands, and cups. All bras aren’t for all outfits. New technology and materials have made it even easier to find a bra that stays concealed under the most revealing tops. Look for styles with plunging necklines (U-Plunge Bra), transparent straps (replacement straps), or bras that give you lots of options to configure the straps (Fashion Forms Infinite Options bra

Unusual Necklines

Good underwear is worth the investment because it makes you clothes (and your figure) look so much smoother.

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  1. I finally got what “nude” means. I was surfing the net and reading blogs and they all mention about this “nude” color, basically it’s the color that would blend in with your skin color. I agree with that statement about the nude color. It really goes well with white tops, especially when it’s a little see-through.

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