New Age Of Men’s Fashion – Ministry of Supply


NASA has developed lots of tech that’s made it to consumer goods…Velcro, LEDs, infra-red ear thermometers, cordless vacuums, grooved payment, freeze-drying, and more. Now NASA tech improves menswear.

The Ministry Of Supply’s Apollo shirt (and their other garments) is packed with NASA technology. The fabric regulates body temperature, never wrinkles, is water-proof, wind-proof, stretches with you and bounces back into shape, and is super soft on your skin. Sounds too good to true?

Mr. Shah has been testing it for the past 6 months and it has become his absolute favorite dress shirt. He runs super hot (yes he is) and barely makes it through the summer. If he wears a button-down shirt in the summer, he’s sweaty in minutes with a soaked collar, underarms and back. And his personality starts to resemble a hungry grizzly bear.

The Apollo shirt keeps him cool, comfy and HAPPY, even at a summer wedding. And it never wrinkles. Two thumbs WAAAAYYYYYY up!!

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