Tailoring: Making A Button-Down Shirt Bigger


Ever have a shirt you love that’s too small? Here’s a way to make it fit.

  • Find a knit shirt like a t-shirt or Henley shirt in a coordinating color with the same sleeve length.
  • Open the side seams and inside sleeve seams of the shirt
  • Cut a strip out of each side of the knit shirt. Be sure to keep the side seams. Center the side/sleeve seams in the middle of the strips you cut.
  • Insert the strips of the knit shirt into the side and sleeve seams of the “too small” shirt and sew them in place.
  • Voila! A shirt that fits with a little stretch and give so you can move and be comfortable.

Here’s an example of a George Roth shirt I modified. I’m not a fan of a shirt collar, I removed the collar, cut a scoop neckline and used the extra fabric to make a ruffle for the new neckline.  I did this with the help of a tailor, but the project could be easily done as a DIY.

Want more ideas?

9 Responses to Tailoring: Making A Button-Down Shirt Bigger

  1. I love it! I’m going to try this on several shirts, I think. I might cut the sleeves short, too. I particularly like the way you mentioned the other mods you made to the shirt. Sometimes I forget that I can just fix things to be the way I want!

  2. My wonderful husband bought me a clearance button down online that is too small. Final sale, so I was going to give it away, but really don’t want to because I love the shirt. Thanks for figuring out how I can love the shirt on me, instead of just on the hanger!

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