TV Segment: Weatherproof Wardrobe (Part 1)

This story aired on Houston Life on September 1, 2016. All the details about the products shown are provided below the video clip. To watch Part 2: The Accssories, click here.

A special thank you to Crystal Johnson and Hina Patel for helping behind the scenes.  If there’s any problem playing the clip below, here’s a link to view. Thanks for watching!

Extreme weather is a constant in Houston. We’ve either got hot and steamy temperatures or torrential down pours. Most people living in our climate do their best to dress despite the weather. I’ve got another option. Dressing in a way that works WITH weather. Here are some wardrobe options that actually keeps you cool when you are baking in the sun and some that look great even when it’s drenched from pouring rain.

PhotoGrid_1472904744694Hot Weather Wardrobe

In hot weather we need lots of air-flow to keep our bodies cooler. We also need to consider fabrics that wick moisture, hide sweat and control odor. Here are some garments that do that.

  • Host Derrick Shore wore:
    • Ministry of Supply Gemini Dress Shirt – MIT meets NASA technology in this next generation dress shirt. It’s made of NASA-engineered Phase Change Material, a high-tech polyester that regulates body temperature based on your surroundings, so you’re never too hot or too cold. It’s combined with moisture-wicking fibers and natural cotton. It’s got the look of a classic crisp shirt and tons of technology to keep you cool. It’s even got lasercut ventilation at the underarms to keep air circulating where you need it most.  $95

This has become my husband’s favorite shirt because it keeps him cool. He over-heats easily and gets really grouchy…so he’s pretty unbearable here in Houston. You could say this shirt has saved our marriage!

    • PhotoGrid_1472905281035Under Armour Athletic Pants – Athletic pants are designed to keep you cool, wick sweat and control odor…so why not wear them off the field and in the rest of your life. These  pants are styled more like an everyday pant but are more breathable, wick moisture, have extra ventillation and dry quickly.  $99
  • Pedestal Displays – A few more cooling garments for men
    • Ministry of Supply Atmos T-shirt – This t-shirt is knitted with 3-printing. No seams and the weave is thinner and more open where you need more ventillation.  $40
    • Ministry of Supply Socks – These high-tech socks are moisture wicking, odor control and have variable weaves for better ventillation.  $15
    • PhotoGrid_1472905806063Wooden Watches and Glasses – Natural materials are most comfortable in hot weather. The Jord watch has a wooden case and band which absorbs some sweat and feels more comfortable on your skin than plastic. Same goes for glasses. The wooden frame feels better on the nose and ears than plastic or metal. Specs of Wood glasses are from Focus, Refined Eye Care. A stainless steel watch band also works well in the heat because it won’t react with sweat and make skin feel itchy. The Original Grain watch is a combination of wood and stainless steel.
  • PhotoGrid_1472906084444Mannequin
    • Polo Ralph Lauren Linen Top – Natural fabrics are more breathable and comfortable in hot weather. This crop top stands away from the body, providing great air curculation to regulate your body temperature. $259 (on sale $85)
    • Houston Designer Steve Guthrie made the ingenious long organza skirt. Most long skirts have a lining…these have cotton under shorts. The shorts are breathable versatile and allow lots of movement. Usually you have to keep your legs together in a skirt…the shorts allow for more air flow. $145

Steve is known for making statement garments thar work for our hot weather (and for lots of different figures). His latest collection features metallic brocade linens.

Screenshot_2016-09-03-08-23-47-1Wet Weather

Most people try to survive rainstorms by covering up their clothes with raincoats, boots and umbrellas. These can be hot, bulky, and unfashionable….and they get fogotten and lost. What we really need for wet weather is clothing and accessories that can get wet without getting ruined, look good even when wet and dry quickly. There are lot’s of fashionable, waterproof options. Here are just a few…

    • Host Jennifer Broom wore –
      • Ted Baker Neoprene Dress. Neoprene is the fabric that wet suits are made from. There are lots of dresses, skirts, tops pants and more made for men and women from this fabric. It looks great and keeps it’s shape even when saturated with water. Then it dries fast and looks polished and profesisonal. Thank you Dillard’s for letting me borrow this beautiful dress! $259
      • Screenshot_2016-09-03-07-58-36-1Melissa Patchuli Plastic Wedges – these shoes 100% waterproof and so pretty you’d never know they are made of plastic. You can walk through high water without ruining them. They pay for themselves in one or two wearings. $148
    •  Sarah Shah wore –
      • This dress is actually a bathing suit by Undercover Waterwear. It looks like a real dress, but It’s made from thick swimsuit fabric, so it can get completely wet and dries fast. Bathing dresses come in lots of differenct colors. Classic black, animal print, and fun bright colors There are several companies that make modest swimwear – dresses, skirts, tops and leggings. Why not wear it as regular clothing? $100
      • I’m also wearing plastic shoes by Melissa Shoes. Classic Lady $165
    • Screenshot_2016-09-03-08-08-27-1Mannequin – There are lots of waterproof fabrics…here are a few more.
      • Westbound nylon pants are light and dry really fast. They come in lots of different colors $35
      • Lucy yoga top is made to wick away moisture, so it can get wet and dries quickly $59
      • Calvin Klein Jacket – Faux leather and vegan leather are synthetic, so water beads up, rolls off and can be wiped off with a dry towel. $129
      • Screenshot_2016-09-03-08-04-48-1Crocs Leopard Flats – yes, these cute loafers are crocs. Crocs aren’t just for the garden anymore. $50

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