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Information about eco and green fashion, such as: natural fabrics and fibers, resale store shopping tips, clothing and accessories from recycled materials, etc.

Thrift Store Shopping

This thrift store shopping segment aired on Great Day Houston on August 17, 2011. The thrift store story starts about 7 minutes into the video. Happy National Thrift Store Day! Thrift Store shopping has always made your dollars go further…now people are shopping at second-hand stores because it’s green too. When you buy something used,… Continue Reading

The Scoop on Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabrics were developed at the beginning of this century and are new to the fashion scene. Here’s a snapshot of it’s properties, care and green (and not so green) aspects. Properties: Bamboo fabric is soft, strong and lightweight. It feels beautiful on your skin and has natural anti-static properties. It has excellent moisture management… Continue Reading

Green Is The New Black!

A new crop of natural fabrics are hitting the fashion scene. Some materials are new to the fashion world, such as soy, bamboo and hemp. Others have been around for years, but you may not have known they were natural, like ramie, rayon and modal. While others have been used throughout human history such as,… Continue Reading

Look Like A Million For A Fraction Of The Cost!

This segment aired on Houston’s Channel 11 News at 5 on December 17, 2008 (watch it). Resale is the new retail! Resale shops are clean, organized, have unique fashionable pieces, and give you lots of bang for your buck. The merchandise is in good condition (sometimes it’s even brand new) and is current and fashionable.… Continue Reading