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TV Segment: Weatherproof Wardrobe – The Accessories (Part 2)

TV Segment: Weatherproof Wardrobe – The Accessories (Part 2)

This story aired on Houston Life on September 1, 2016. All the details about the products shown are provided below the video clip. If there’s any problem watching the clip below, here’s a link to view.

A special thank you to Crystal Johnson and Hina Patel for helping behind the scenes.  Thanks for watching!

PhotoGrid_1472924095414Extreme weather is a constant in Houston. We’ve either got hot and steamy temperatures or torrential down pours. In Part 1, we talked about the clothes and men’s accessories that help us survive the heat and rainy weather (click here to watch part one). Here are some extreme weather accessories that make hot temperatures and wet weather more comfortable and chic.

Hot Weather Accessories

In hot weather, accessories that are made from natural materials, shade the sun or feel cooling on the skin are more comfortable. Here are a few options.

  • PhotoGrid_1472924154588Nudwear Bra – Did you know…you can put your strapless silicon bra int he freezer? When you wear it, it will keep you cool for hours.
  • Mui Chic Vegetable Ivory jewelry – This jewelry is cooling to the touch and feels great on your skin in hot weather. It’s made from the amazonian tagua palm nut and looks like ivory, but it comes from a plant. The seeds are carved and cut to make necklaces, rings and bracelets.
  • Hot Girls Pearls – Keep these pearls in the freezer to keep the PhotoGrid_1472925209440gel inside cool until you are ready to wear them. When you wear them, the the pearls cool your skin for several hours. Recharge them in the travel freezer pouch. $110
  • Horsefeathers Wrap Bracelets – Some jewelry makes you feel even hotter in the summer. These wrap bracelets are made from silk ribbons. The silks absorb sweat, feel good, even in the heat and are washable. $45
  • Detect Sun Bracelets – The UV detecting beads on these bracelets turn color in the presence of uv light. At first I didn’t get PhotoGrid_1472925470613it, but when I started wearing the bracelet, I realized how often I went out without suncreen! The more I wear the bracelets, the more consistently I wear sunscreen. $20 – $150
  • Wallaroo Wide Brim Hat – Most straw hats are made with a loose weave that lets some sunshine through. These Wallaroo widebrim fashonable straw hats are wovern so tightly, they have a UPF of 50. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is for sunscreen, UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is for fabrics that have sun/UV protection. A UPF factor of 50 blocks 98% of the sun’s uv rays. $52.

PhotoGrid_1472926312508Rainy Weather

Accessories that are waterproof or stand up to lots of rain look chic in spite of the weather.

  • Assortment of bags
    • Moshi canvas handbags and messenger bags are water resistant. You can’t dunk them in a swimming pool, but they will protect your gear in a heavy rain storm. They also have padded compartments for your electronics giving them another layer of protection. $100
    • PhotoGrid_1472926623669La Furla Jelly Bag – This bag is totally plastic and waterproof. $275
    • Ted Baker patent leather clutch – patent leather is water proof too! $50
    • Giani Bini faux leather satchel has an overlapping closure that keeps more water out $109
  • Lucite/Plastic jewelry – Plastic and lucite jewelry comes in lots of shapes and colors. They are pretty, durable and completely waterproof. Plastic jewelry is available in lots of different places at lots of different prices.  $5 – $75
  • Faux Leather Earrings – Enamour’s vegan leather earrings are elegant, understated and come in lots of different colors – metallic, neutrals and more. $20
  • PhotoGrid_1472926759430Wallaroo waterproof hat – This hat keeps your hair dry and will even float if it gets blown off into deep water. $40
  • Melissa plastic shoes – these shoes are beautiful AND plastic. Wear them through high water, damp  grass, or muddy paths. Men’s loafers $85 and Swarovsky crystal wedding shoes $500


TV Segment: Outlet Shopping Tips on ABC World News

TV Segment: Outlet Shopping Tips on ABC World News

It seems that I’m getting known for my outlet shopping tips! Last December (2014), ABC World News called and interviewed me about by insider outlet shopping secrets. In the end, I didn’t make it into the segment, but my tips did! Here’s a video clip of the story. Continue Reading