Be-YOU-Tiful Workshop Series

Is an image evolution your New Year’s resolution? Or is it time for an image REVOLUTION? Confused about your style and clueless about how to put together a great look? Want to loose 15 pounds without suffering through another diet? Or just want to be more comfortable and authentic?

You are not your wardrobe! But like it or not, people judge you based on your appearance. With the pace of life, putting others first, and changing bodies, it’s easy to get into ruts and habits that camouflage your beauty. Elements that are often missing are style, foundation, authenticity, flattery, accessories, and makeup that really works.

The Be-YOU-tiful Series is designed to assist women entrepreneurs and leaders in adding these pieces to what is already working. Attend all six sessions or just choose a few that are interesting to you. Click here for more info…

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