Nothing To Wear On New Years Eve?

Believe it or not, there’s probably a fabulous New Year’s Eve outfit hiding in your wardrobe. Here are step-by-step instructions for last minute party shopping in your closet.
Step 1 – Start with a simple outfit
Step 2 – Create statement accessories from your jewelry box
Step 3 – Add the party spirit
Step 4 – Wear it all together, spin in front of your mirror and…VOILA! Drab is transformed into dazzling!
Step 1 – Start With A Simple Canvas
A simple outfit will be the frame for the sizzle you create in steps 2 and 3. Create a simple outfit. It can be colorful, neutral, or embellished with some details. It doesn’t matter, just choose pieces that are in good condition and fit well. Here are three options, go with one of them or create something else that is easy and comfortable.
•Sheath dress you usually wear for work (or your go-to little black dress)
•Print blouse and your favorite jeans
•Cardigan sweater/blazer/suit jacket, t-shirt and dress pants
Step 2 – Make A Statement
Accessories will turn your plain clothes into a fun outfit. The jewelry this season is big and bold. If you have a big-honking necklace that fits the trend, wear it with your outfit. If not, create one using one of these ideas.
•Hang a big holiday ornament on a neck wire. A neck wire is a chocker necklace shaped from a thick wire or metal strip with a hook on it for hanging a pendant. Use glass ornaments, swarovski crystals, inexpensive glitter snow flakes or anything special or fun. (thanks Fran Cothran for this idea!)
•Hang several holiday ornaments on separate ribbons and tie them at different lengths around your neck.
•Mix and layer loads of necklaces of different lengths. One or two strings of pearls look too dainty and old-fashioned. But wear 5 to 10 pearl necklaces of different lengths, sizes of pearls or even colors of pearls and you’ll look modern and chic. The key here is to layer necklaces made of similar materials or colors i.e all natural stone beads, or all similar metals, or rhinestones or glass. Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.
Step 3 –Party It Up
Accents of sparkle or shine will to turn your plain clothes into party attire. Add a few accessories with satin, metallic, sequin, beading, or crystal details.
•Add one more big piece of jewelry like a cocktail ring or stack of bracelets. You can pile on bracelets or watches using the layered necklace strategy in step 2. Or buy an inexpensive cocktail. You’ll find some at Claire’s or Topkapi at the local mall for about $5.
•Party shoes can be boots, heels or flats. Attach clip on earrings to plain shoes to dress them up.
•Keep your handbag small, an evening bag or clutch works great.
•If you want arm coverage with the sheath dress, add a sweater with sparkly trim, or long satin evening gloves or Secret Sleeves (a long-sleeve shrug/scarf).
Step 4 – Step Out The Door
Put it all together and walk out the door! You’ll look fantastic! I’d love to hear about the outfits you created! Would you post a description or a picture of your outfit in the comment section? Happy New Year!
Two clients were the Muses for this post. Thanks Ladies for the inspiration!
Note, I thought Secret Sleeves were so cool, I became an affiliate.

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