Stop listening to Fashion Advice!

speak no, hear no, see no…fashion evil

Yup, you read that right! We are bombarded by fashion advice from respected experts, bloggers, family and friends galore. Tim Gunn’s 10 Essentials, In Style’s 10 things every woman must ownOprah’s Top 10 Closet Must HavesRachel Zoe’s 10 Must-Have Items. That’s all well and good…and it can be useful and it’s just is their opinion (and this post is just mine).

I’ve noticed that most people I work with on image (maybe every single one of them) take at least some of these opinions as LAW. The white shirt, the “basics,” the trench, the little black dress, your “right” and “wrong” colors, closets organization rules, etc. These opinions are general…and they are messing you up! Everyone doesn’t need every one of these items. In fact, none of these items work for everyone.

No advice works when it drowns out your voice. Your voice is the most important. What do you like? What do you want to wear? What makes you feel fantastic? What makes you look fantastic? What don’t you like? What don’t you want to wear? What makes you look terrible? What makes you feel horrible? If you don’t know, take time with yourself and listen to your voice.

Stop listening to other advice, even mine, if it isn’t right for you. Throw out/donate/burn those items you don’t like! Only accept the advice that resonates with your voice.

Today really can “The End Of The World”…the world of dressing inauthentically, hiding out in clothes that make you feel small (or big in all the wrong ways), letting people talk you into wearing things you just don’t like, letting people throw out things you love because they think the items are wrong for you (really?? what nerve!) showing up to work in an “acceptable” business costume that sucks your vitality and creativity. It’s a new era…let’s celebrate that by celebrating you, the real you, the awesome, glorious you that’s hiding under all that camouflage.

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