What To Wear: Dressing For An Interview

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Mothers may advise wearing a standard navy suit to an interview, but times have changed and that old-fashioned statement may get you eliminated faster than you can blink an eye. These days, appropriate business attire is much more personal and difficult to define. What is appropriate for one organization may be too formal or informal for another.

So, how DO you figure our what to wear? Here are the areas to consider when creating your look.

Look Like What You Do

As an interviewee, your qualifications and your look should support each other. Your image is your packaging, it’s a preview of your skills, talents and character. Your outfit is like a movie trailer – giving the interviewer a preview of coming attractions – your qualifications and personality.

If your focus is interior design, your should be designed and coordinated…like the spaces you create. If you speak about the interaction of Baby Boomers and Gen Y in the workplace, your image should reflect Boomers, Gen Y and business. If your topic is provocative, your outfit should be too…not revealing, but cutting edge or unexpected in some way.

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Interview Attire?

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