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About Sarah

In a nutshell, I help people be seen authentically and judged accurately…in real life, on stage, on TV, online and in traditional and social media. I cut through the ordinary “dress for success” and “public relations” advice and show you how to make YOUR image really work. I also share my image insight, strategies and wisdom at conferences and on local and national TV shows.

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Real. Revolutionary. Entertaining.

Sarah Shah is an image expert, author, blogger, speaker, and TV coach helping both women and, yes, men, too, navigate the world of image, judgment, and the media.

While working in corporate boardrooms, chemical plants, restaurants, research laboratories and fashion shows, Sarah noticed how differently people were perceived and treated depending on how they presented themselves. Instead of resisting that reality, Sarah learned to “speak” the language of image and successfully decode and translate it for others. Sarah uses this knowledge and experience to help women and men reveal the images that communicate their authentic message and manage the reality of perception and judgment.

Sarah earned a BA in Physics from the University of Chicago. While she has moved away from scientific pursuits, she draws heavily on that foundation, using her understanding of light, angles, motion and perception, to make clients look fabulous in all environments.

Sarah’s innovative use of color in wardrobe and make-up stems from her studies in the fine arts. She applies the principles of classical sculpture and theories of hue, tone and shade to illuminate and flatter the form.

Based in Houston, Sarah’s work has taken her from Boston to Chicago to LA. Her services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals, groups and corporations who call her, and among other things, include image coaching, personal image development, and TV image presentation provided through personal appointments, workshops and speeches.

Sarah is also a frequent contributor to Great Day Houston (KHOU, CBS affiliate).  She has been featured on countless TV shows and news programs in all of the top 100 media markets and has been featured in national print as well.

Sarah has been invited to speak to audiences at conferences, seminars and several Fortune 10 companies, earning consistently high ratings by audience members and, frequently, invitations to speak again.

Previously, Sarah was a teacher at the Page Parkes Center for Modeling and Acting (Make up for Commercial Print and Television) as well as a guest instructor for the University of Houston Continuing Education and Houston Community College Fashion Design Programs.