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DYS cover - bigDress Yourself Skinny: Dressing The Body You Have, To Look Like The Body You Want!

The wrong clothes can make you look 10, 20 or even 30 pounds heavier that you really are.

Whether you want to be thinner, taller, shorter, boobier, curvier or whatever, Dress Yourself Skinny will show you how to dress the body you have to look like the body you want!

- Learn the critical dressing mistakes that cause you to look bigger than you really are.

- Discover the essentials every woman must embrace to dress herself skinny.

- Make shopping and dressing a breeze with fool-proof diagrams of the styles that are perfect for YOUR body-type.

- If you are on a weight-loss program, reveal your results faster and stay inspired to reach to your target size.

The right choices can literally change your body right before your eyes!


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Companion Workbook (Printable PDF) – $9.95
This Workbook is a companion to Dress Yourself Skinny. It provides additional support during your transformation and guides you as you determine your body type, sort your wardrobe, develop your shopping list and record the emergence of your new body. Our Order Page is Under Reconstruction…please call (713) 686-8587 or email Sarah@SarahShah.com to order.

Below are posts with more tips, information and products to supplement the book.

TV Segment: How To Dress Your Booty


Want to know how to dress your booty? Whether you want to make it bigger, smaller or smoother, Image Expert Sarah Shah shows her tips for flattering the fanny.

Workshop: Sext Your Self Skinny – Sexting The Body You Have, To Look Like The Body He/She Wants

lipstick lips

Women are sharing sexy pics with their partner to spice things up, reignite the fire or keep the newly-wed flames alive. In this workshop, attendees (women over 18 hers old) will some rules for safe sexting and tips for taking graceful and tasteful phone-photos.

TV Segment: 7 Deadly Underwear Sins

Shapewear before and fter

Changing your underwear is the single most powerful thing you can do to improve your wardrobe and your body image. Image Expert Sarah Shah shows you the seven most common underwear mistakes and the solutions to keep you looking your best.

Why Don’t You Look Good In High Fashion?

alexander mcqueen models

Every try to wear a look you saw in a magazine and found out that it looks terrible on you? Image Expert Sarah Shah explains why these looks don’t work in the real world.

TV Segment – Swim Suits For Your Body Type


Choosing the right swim suit for your figure can be a trying experience. Image Expert Sarah Shah shows you how to choose a swim suit that is flattering for your body type and creates the illusion of an ideal figure. This story airs on Great Day Houston on KHOU, Channel 11 on June 17, 2014.

Fashion Show: Smashin’ Fashion™

Smashin Fashion Graphic

  Smashin’ Fashion™ show challenges convention and presents fashion in a broader way. It’s a fashion show, re-imagined  using multi-media, social media, and updated twists on the typical fashion show elements of runway, models, stylists, program, red carpet, and even the audience. The show takes place on July 31st at The Art Institute of Houston. Models will be…

TV Segment: How To Pick A Flattering Bathing Suit

Photo Credit: ThinkStock.com

Trying on swim suits can be a trying experience. Image Expert Sarah Shah offers some tips for finding the perfect swimsuit for your figure. This story aired on Stretch Your Dollar with Patricia Lopez on KRTK Channel 13 News Houston.

Thanks For The Truth, Mike Jeffries!

mike jeffries

Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO Mike Jeffries is taking heat about his comments about not wanting plus-size women in his stores. I, on the other hand, am thrilled to have this insider’s perspective and embrace what he has to say. Here’s why…

TV Segment: Dress Yourself Skinny with Dresses

BTS 4 - Sarah & models SAM_0694

The wrong clothes can make you look heavier and out of proportion. Image Expert Sarah Shah shows you how to solve any figure “flaw” and choose a dress that works perfectly for your body-type.

Workshop – Dress Yourself Skinny!

scale makes you cry

Dress Yourself Skinny! Dressing the Body You Have, to Look Like the Body You Want! Frustrated by what you see in the mirror? Dieting or exercising without results? Wish you were smaller, bigger, taller, shorter, boobier, curvier…whatever? Your body isn’t the problem, it’s just your clothes! Stop Settling and Start Sizzling! The wrong clothes magnify…