Shopping Secrets

This segment appeared on Great Day Houston on March 10, 2009. To watch it, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

What’s Sarah wearing?
smocked blouse from Boston Proper
Lee Rider bootcut jeans from Walmart (altered by Rolando at
stone hoop earrings from Boston Proper
Corey pumps by Coach

What’s the upside of a down economy? There are LOTS of great deals, even in department stores!

Here are some tips for getting great deals in department stores:

  • Shop the sale racks: 20 – 75+% off
  • Know the store’s price guarantees (some stores will refund the price difference if an item you purchased goes on sale within a few days)
  • Look for coupons online, on blogs, and in the newspaper
  • Use your debt cards with miles/points (the Chase debt card gives you Continental miles for each dollar you charge)
  • Sign up for weekly store emails for insider coupons and specials
  • Use store credit cards for extra savings (pay them off immediately to avoid undoing the savings with interest charges)
  • Don’t be afraid to buy something that doesn’t fit perfectly, most garments can be altered.

Beware – Any item that you don’t wear is a waste of money, no matter how good the deal it is.

The Deals

I found some great deals this weekend on the sale racks at Dillard’s on Post Oak and Macy’s on Sage.

Outfit 1 – (Macy’s on Sage at the Galleria)

Tahari Suit (dress and cropped jacket)
Original price – $188
75% off – $47
15% off for using Macy’s card – $39.95
Best part is that it’s more than 1 outfit; it’s a suit for work, a Little Black Dress for evening, and a cropped jacket that works with t-shirt and jeans.

Accessory Option 1
Carlos Santana Platform pumps- Original price $89, with all the discounts – $44.77
Earrings $16/$3.47, Bracelets $10/$3.90 abd 20/$6.10
Accessory Option 2
Tahari T-strap pumps – Original price $98, with all the discounts – $20.93
Earrings $110/$23.84, and Ring $25/$18.06

Outfit 1 Original Price $323 -$421, Discount Price $92-$97 – SAVED $324 – $231

Outfit 2 – (Dillard’s Post Oak at the Galleria)
Antonio Melani Dress
Original Price – $169
70% off – $50.70
$20 off for opening a Dillard’s account – $30.70

Accessory Option 1
Delman Sandals $375/$112.20, Fossil necklace $32/$19.20, Fossil bracelet $48/$28.80

Accessory Option 2
Gianni Bini sandals $79/$23.70, Earrings $38/$22.80

Outfit 2 Original Price $286 -$624, Discount Price $77.20-$190, SAVED $208 – $434

Outfit 3 – (Dillard’s Post Oak at the Galleria)
Original Price – $88
70% off – $26.40
$20 off for opening a Dillard’s account – $6.40
Gianni Bini Pants
Original Price – $98
70% off – $29.40

Naturalizer Mary Jane Shoes $75/$22.50, Earrings $24/$14.40, Bracelet $28/$16.80

Outfit 3 Original Price $313, Discount Price $89.50 – SAVED $223

Tailor Tricks

A tailor can help make the most of a great deal.
My Favorite tailor is Nick Lopez Tailoring on Sage, across from the Galleria
A tailor can make a garment that’s too big fit you perfectly.

Producer Sarah Greir got a free pair of pants for free. They were way too big, so she had them tailored and now they fit her like a glove.

Sarah Shah got her jeans for $17 at Walmart and had them tailored for $30. It’s okay if the tailoring costs more than the garment. Look at the total cost (price you spent on the garment and the cost of tailoring)to see if it’s worth the money to get the garment.

Easy fixes by a tailor – size of waistband, length of sleeves/pants/skirts
More expendive alterations – jacket shoulders, bias cut fabrics, intricate beadwork/embroidery/stitching

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