Today we carry so many personal electronic devices – laptop computers, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, iPods, ear buds, digital cameras, video cameras, flash drives and the list goes on and on. These devices have become necessities in our daily lives and we can’t leave the house without them.

When these gadgets first appeared, they were only available in black. Now there are so many fashionable options, you can personalize your devices so they work with your personal style and become an integral part of your outfit. Your electronics can actually become fashion accessories that complete our look. There’s no need to be a fashionable women carrying a discordant and distracting collection of ugly items. Image Coach Sarah Shah shows you how you can be stylish from the tip of your ear buds to the tip of your toes.

This TV segment began airing on Mirror/Mirror on the LivewellHD network on March 22, 2010 in 11 cities (NY, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Fresno, Raleigh/Durham, Flint, and Toledo).

All Business
If your look is all business, choose streamlined tech-sessories in subtle or bold solid colors. Flash drives come hidden inside accessories and jewelry so they are easy to carry. Colorful cases style-up laptops. Cell phone colors can match your outfit or company logo. Here are the items in the story:

– PNY Micro Swivel Attache flash drive necklace, $14.95, Microcenter (threaded on a silver chain)

– Incase Hardshell case, $49.95,

– iFrogz iPhone case, $29.95,

– Atomic9 BT Wristband Speaker Phone, $99.99,

Fashion designers have finally entered the electronics market and are making a beautiful impact. If you are all about fashion and the latest trends, choose tech-sessories designed by fashion designers, in fun colors and patterns or even covered in crystals. Here are the items that are in the story:

– HP Vivienne Tam digital clutch, coming in spring 2010,
A companion PC was unveiled on the catwalk of designer Vivienne Tam’s Spring 2010 fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week at Bryant Park. The design inspired by the classic Chinese love story Butterfly Lovers. The design uses HP’s imprint technology, so the design is part of the cover and very durable.

– ChicBoom Keychain “pink tooth” Speaker, $24.95,

– ChicBuds crystal iPod cover, $69.95,

– Hello Kitty USB drive, $125, Zales Jewelry stores

Ecco Chic
You can even find eco chic tech-cessories – gadgets that combine cutting edge tech with a message of conservation and sustainability If you live green and want to express that throughout your look, choose tech-cessories that incorporate natural materials, reflect nature and a connection with outdoors. Phone accessories can be made of wood and protective covers for all your gadgets come with photographs of nature. Here are the items in the story:

– Uncommon iPhone cases, $39.95,

– Ear Pollution Timbre ear buds with microphone, $49.99,

– Designer Laptop Sleeves, $34.90,

– Ativa Flash Drive, $17.99, Office Depot (hanging on leather cord)

Rocker Chic
Artists are also making an impact on the tech-cessory market. If rocker chic is more your style, you can find electronic gadgets that fit your aesthetic too. Tattoo art, leather and Anime are all options. Look for tech-sessories with a tough feel like a video camera with the look of black leather, tire tread iPod covers, ear buds decorated with skulls, and tattoo flash drives.

– Atomic9 Grunge Buds, $40,

– Ear Pollution Plugz, $19.95,

– Treadz iPod Nano cover, $9.95,

– DXG Luxe camcorder, $149,

Sponsors: Thank you HP for sponsoring our segment!!

What’s Sarah Wearing? Tahari long sleeve sheath dress (Dillard’s) and Antonio Melani woven pumps (Dillard’s).

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