Bad Clothes Made Good

You’ve heard it a million times – a tailor is a critical element of a great wardrobe. Here are some examples of “bad clothes” that were given new love and life by a tailor.

“Pleather” Pants

These pleather pants were cute and fit well, but they were way too hot to wear in Houston. We collaborated with our tailor to turned them in to super hot shorts.

Our tailor cut off the pant legs, added a triangle gusset of extra fabric on the outside of each leg so they had a fashionable shape and made a cuff at the hem. Now the shorts are flattering and fit perfectly. Perfect to keep her cool in the summer heat.

Way Too Big Denim

This jacket and shorts were WAYYYY to big.

The jacket got a major overhaul – the front pockets were moved up and the hem was shortened, vertical pleats were added to the front and back to take in the volume in the sides, the sleves were made smaller and three pleats were added to shorten the sleeve to 3/4 length. The shorts just got minor adjustments – they were shortened and cuffs added to the hem. These have become regular basics in her wardrobe that she wears all the time.

Over-Sized Shirt

The red and white striped shirt is way to big and has some unflattering elements…but it has lots of potential.

Our tailor removed the collar and changed the neckline to a v-neck, took in the sides, shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length, and shortened the shirt to a more flattering length.

How about you? What are your ideas for changing or transforming things from your closet? Post or link to your projects so we can appreciate what you’ve done.

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  1. This is great, Sarah, thanks for a great post! I love shopping my closet. I recently just discovered that, forgetting I am only 5'3", some of my skirts and dresses were too long! I was able to hem the majority of them, but the really tailored pieces I took to a tailor. Voila! Wearable pieces I've had in my closet the whole time!

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