Testimonial – Decoding Your Personal Style Workshop

Angela attended the “Discover Your Personal Style” workshop.  Here’s what she had to say about it…

“To say this workshop was amazing would be an understatement. Sarah’s Genius is helping others discover their own unique wisdom and beauty – and giving them the clarity and confidence to reveal their brilliance in their second skin – their clothes and accessories.

“This workshop had a huge impact. I had lots of fun, tons of ‘ahas’ and a few surprises. I got clear on what I do like – and even more so on what I don’t. This workshop gave me the combination to the lock on a door of wisdom I already knew – but couldn’t open alone. In one afternoon, I got rid of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘maybes’ – and found my unique ‘recipe’ that will save me time and money. No more ruffles, plaids and stripes for me – and no regrets!

“Sarah is an amazing guide, and it was such a pleasure to do this with others. Watching our unique – and diverse – styles emerge was such fun, and revealed how subtle differences can make all the difference. Now I can get dressed or go shopping without fear of overwhelm, quickly sort through the myriad choices and zone in on what I want and what I know works for me.”

– Angela Stauder, Coach, speaker, facilitator and writer who helps people thrive personally and professionally. She supports clients in achieving greater levels of clarity and confidence, align their actions and aspirations and focus on a simple formula: Show Up. Be Yourself. Connect. Contribute. Do Work that Matters. For more info about Angela, please visit www.ThriveAgility.com

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