Testimonial – Donna Realizes She’s a Gift and Starts Dressing Like It

“I went to Sarah Shah’s program as a favor for a friend, but dreaded going. I didn’t want to see yet ANOTHER image consultant point out my flaws and tell me what I was doing wrong! Instead, I found something friendly about Sarah that made me listen. She showed me that I was a gift and my image was just the wrapping that got other people excited about getting to know the real me. Sarah made great sense while still validating my worth as a human being and my value as a size 14-16 woman of 54. I got excited and changed my image.

Last week a woman came up to me saying she loved my look (Huh?! Really?!) and that it was so nice to see a woman DRESS for SUCCESS. I could’ve kissed her! I CAN still strut those stilettos, who knew?

The gift of me was always there, but no one could see that through my previous clothes. Now I leave the house as polished as a gift from Tiffany. My new image is doable. It’s deliberate. It’s rewarding. It’s empowering. Sarah inspired me listen and learn and now I feel great about me.” — Donna Wick, PhD, President of WonderWick Marketing, Media & PR

Donna specializes in Media Generation, Marketing Strategies, Public Relations, Alliance Partner Development, Fundraising Events, Awareness Campaigns and Creative Writing for nonprofit agencies, community leaders and innovative companies.

She hosted local and nationally syndicated radio and TV programs; launched “Awaken the God Within” a national lecture tour, platformed with Marianne Williamson; has been a featured expert on NBC’s TalkCity, Tony Robbins’ Dreamlife.com, Belief.net and SpiritualityToday.net and has been published in the New York Times best-seller, “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul”and authored three books of her own: The Day God Smiled, Meditations at The Speed of Life, and The “I Am” Messages. For more about Donna, please visit www.WonderWick.com.

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