What To Wear For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a relaxed holiday full of eating, watching football, board games and sitting around the table. Dressing for this holiday is about being comfortable so your clothes don’t grab or squeeze you, even if you over-eat or sit for hours.

As you put your outfit together for the holiday, start with something stretchy that gives you room to move and expand. Women, look for a loose knit dress or tunic. Men, try Roundtree & York Expander Pants. These pants have buttoned tabs on the sides of the waistband that can be loosen or tighten as needed (these are great for weightloss too).

Once you have your base pieces picked out, finish the outfit based on the dress code for the event. For football, add casual practical pieces and accessories thatare easy to walk in and will keep you warm outside.  For a family dinner, dress up a bit more with a mix of party and casual pieces. For a more formal gathering, pair your base pieces with a mix of formal and party items. Here are some examples.

Examples For Women:

What To Wear For Thanksgiving

Examples For Men: Use the instructions in the example for women above with these mix and match pieces.

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