NEW: A-List Modeling Program

Thank you so much to all of you who have been models in my TV segments and live audience events! Models are a critical element in these exhibitions, bringing the words to life and providing visual examples so audiences can see the image strategies in action. Audiences love you!

My presentation repertoire is expanding, so now I need models for some larger productions. If you want to be a model with me, now there are two ways to strut your stuff! The regular way (General Event Modeling) and a new way (A-List Modeling). Both programs are for real people – women and men of different ages, sizes and ethnicities (and yes, tattoos and piercings are ok too). Here’s how the programs work.

General Event Modeling

This is the program that is already in place. Model requests for my smaller live events and TV segments go out to newsletter subscribers. Models, selected from the pool of applicants, get some personal image coaching during the styling session, a few on stage/on camera pointers on the day of the show, and appear on stage/on camera in the show.

A-List Modeling

This is the new modeling program for my large-scale productions, out-of-town appearances, photo shoots and videos. There are more “moving parts” in these events, so models need more pre-event training. A-List Models qualify to be featured in the new category of events and get priority consideration for all general modeling events. There will also be special A-List Model parties and other perks along the way…and of course, you’ll get lots of tips about expressing your personal style in a flattering way.

Here are the program requirements:
• Model in at least one General Modeling event.
• Attend the following workshops (these workshops can be completed in any order and are open to everyone, even if you don’t want to be a model)

Decode Your Fashion DNA* – Decipher your personal dressing recipe for feeling powerful and beautiful/handsome everyday.
Dress The Body You Have To Look Like The Body You Want (Dress Yourself Skinny)* – Learn the clothing styles that flatter your unique figure/physique.
◦ Secrets Behind The Curtain – Learn how to cat-walk, pose, be on camera, change outfits and all the other behind-the-scenes details you need to know.

*If you have been a private makeover client in the last 6 months, this workshop requirement is waived.

You’ll be invited into the program once you graduate from the workshops and your application is accepted.

If you want to be in the general modeling program, be sure to sign up for the newsletter  ->

If you want to be in the A-List modeling program, here’s a link to the next pre-requisite workshop.

Call me or email me if you have any questions or want more info.




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