Closet Makeover: Unsightly to Unbelievable (Part 4)

This is Part 4 of the Closet Makeover. The makeover is divided into five posts – Part 1 – Before PicsPart 2 – Frantic to Functional,Part 3 – Concealed to ConvenientPart 4 – Unsightly to UnbelievablePart 5 – The Big Reveal & After Pics.

So far, we’ve made the closet functional…now it’s time to make the dressing space zen and beautiful. The closet is like any other room in the house, it can be decorated so it’s pleasing to the eye, calming for the mind and inspiring for the spirit. This is the step that makes all the difference!

  • Choose a color scheme based on your favorite clothing colors so the whole closet is cohesive. The color scheme can be simple or complex. The palette for this closet is blue, purple, orange, gold, silver and brown.
  • Choose containers and display items to coordinate with your color palette. If they don’t match, paint them or cover them with wrapping paper.
  • Use one kind/color of hanger.
  • Decorate your closet like you would any other room. Fill in empty spaces on shelves, walls and floors with art, books, mirrors, photographs, keepsakes, diplomas, awards and heirlooms to make the space warm, inviting and personal.
  • If you saved any clothing that doesn’t fit, display them on mannequin forms or hang them on walls so you can still enjoy them.
  • Display jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, bags…all your accessories, in a beautiful way, so you can admire them, even when you aren’t wearing them.
  • Decorate walls, shelves, and containers with paint, colored wrapping paper, fabric, and trim to make them beautiful and coordinate with the color scheme.

What have you done in your closet to make it more beautiful and inspiring? Please share it in the comments so we can learn from you too!

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