TV Segment: Fashion Design In Houston

This segment airs on Great Day Houston on October 2, 2012. Info about all the designers, looks and accessories is below the video.

When you think of fashion, most people think of New York, Paris or Milan. You may not know it, but Houston is a Fashion City in it’s own right.

Houston is the Home for national and internationally known fashion designers. A few of them are

  • Chloe Dao – she won Project Runway Season 2 winner and continues to be successful.
  • David Peck  – moved to Houston from New York and was recently featured on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily.
  • Elaine Turner  – is a well-known handbag and shoe designer with boutiques in Highland Villiage, Rice Villiage City Center.

Houston has the infrastructure fashion designers need to be successful – support for the design, production and retail process that makes designing practical.

  • Buyers – Design insiders know that Houston spends more on fashion than any other city in the US. Women here still dress up, love to look great and have lots of social occasions. Houston is a coveted destination for International designers’ Trunkshows.
  • Fabrication – Houston has skilled sewers and pattern-makers, so fabrication can be done locally improving production schedules and quality control.
  • Fabric Printing – Houston even has facilities for printing custom fabrics.
  • Educated support staff – The fashion program at Houston Community College is internationally recognized. Graduates make great interns, creative assistants and designers in their own right.
  • Low cost of doing business – Real estate and cost of living is so much more affordable here than in New York, some fashion designers are relocating here.
  • Professional Models – We are the home to 2 modeling agencies – Page Parks Models & Actors and Neal Hammil
  • Fashion bloggers – Houston has over 100 Fashion Bloggers, spreading the word about street style, high style, events, new products etc. (Valerie Anderson of ValVerde Style, LeRenda of Beauty by LaRendaand
    Jeneba Massaquoi Wint of Habitually Haute were in the studio audience)

The pieces featured in this segment were designed by:

Jonathan Blake is a brand new designer debuting his line of evening wear on October 3. He has a glamourous, feminine, practical aesthetic and is mentored by Carolyn Farb. His collection is designed and manufactured in Houston.

Velobra are Master Jewelers based in New Orleans and Houston. Many of their luxury pieces are designed and fabricated in Houston.
Alexenia by Ksania Learner has an edgy, bohemian aesthetic. Ksania is educated in the prestigious Houston Community College fashion design program and began her design career with Chloe Dao. Her pieces are designed and fabricated in Houston.
Temple Street by Ana Mae is a new line of hand made jewelry. Pieces are designed and fabricated in Houston


Designer Ana Mae (Temple Srteet), Nida (wearing Alexenia’s Zoe Dress), Allison (wearing Jonathan Blake’s chiffon blouse and high-waist skirt), Designer Jonathan Blake, Brittany (wearing Jonathan Blake’s magenta cocktail dress), Designer Ksania Lerner (Alexenia) and Jacqueline (wearing Alexenia’s Magdelena gown)

The Looks:

MODEL 1: Brittany

– Magenta Day Dress by Jonathan Blake

New Designer Debuting Tomorrow 10/3

Velobra carved semi-precious stone necklace ($8700)

– change the look with the Velobra carved coral skull necklace $6500)

MODEL 2: Allison

– Blouse and high-waist skirt by Jonathan Blake

– Velobra sapphire and diamond butterfly earrings $29.5k and irridescent amethyst ring $11.5k

– change the look with Velobra canary and white diamond chandelier earrings ($60k)

MODEL 3: Nida

– Zoe dress by Alexenia ($108)

Earrings and bracelets by Temple Street

–  add a Temple Street Collar necklace as a headpiece for a different look ($180)

MODEL 4: Jaqueline

– Magdelena zig-zag print maxi dress by Alexenia ($220)

Peyton collar necklace by Temple Street ($90)

–  add another Temple Street Athena necklace to dress the look up even more ($180)

All of these pieces are designed, made and sold right here in Houston.


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