Ultimate Closet Makeover

Making over your closet can be more than just clearing out the items that don’t work. Dressing is so much simpler when you do it in an organized, beautiful space that is easy to manage and supports your creativity. There are three steps to making the closet practical and inspiring – 1) clear out items that don’t work (we know this part), 2) make it functional (that sounds a little familiar), 3) make it beautiful (this is the part most people miss)! The closet, whether it’s the super small variety or a spacious walk-in dressing room,  is like any other room in the house – it can be functional AND aesthetically pleasing.

1. Clearing Out The Clutter – Keep What You Love

  • Keep anything you love, looks good on you and is in good condition.
  • If it doesn’t, can it be fixed? You can keep it if you are really going to fix it. Put these items in your car and make an appointment with your tailor. They can go back in the closet when they are fixed.
  • Otherwise, clear it out. Donate it, sell it, give it away or store it somewhere else. When you keep things that don’t work, you just feel frustrated and overwhelmed when you try to get dressed.
  • If possible, move out anything that isn’t for dressing and store them somewhere else. If that’s not possible, store infrequently used items in back corners or incorporate the items into your closet decorating scheme (see step 3).

2. Make The Closet Functional

  • Store all your clothes and accessories so they are visible. You wear what you see, so make EVERYTHING visible. If you use garment bags, get clear ones so clothes are still visible. You won’t remember to wear it, if you can’t see it.
  • Organize your clothes, accessories, underwear etc. so it’s easy for you to reach. Put things you use often within easy reach and things you use occasionally on upper/lower areas of the closet, but still within reach. You’ll use upper shelves for other things in Step 3.
  • Organize your wardrobe based on how YOU think – by color, outfit, occasion, type of clothing. Whatever way works for you.
  • It’s okay to keep a few things that don’t fit if you really love them and they are in good condition (you’ll use them in Step 3).
  • Put these tools in/near the closet –
    1. stool/ottoman for putting on shoes or reaching upper shelves,
    2. full length mirror,
    3. multiple containers/baskets for sorting laundry as you undress. Consider a separate basket for darks, lights, delicates, dry-cleaning, etc.
    4. lint rollers, lingerie tape, garment guards (if you’re sweaty), safety pins, sweater shaver, etc.
    5. over the door valet hook so you can create outfits without trying everything on.
    6. box/bowl for tags, receipts and spare buttons. Keep tags and receipts for 3-6 months after purchase in case you want to return an item because it doesn’t work or doesn’t hold up to normal wear and laundering.
  • Install lighting so you can see in the closet. Replace light fixtures, add clamp-on or small table lamps, or even white christmas lights to add more light in darker corners.

3. Make Your Dressing Space Zen and Beautiful

  • Make the space easy to look at. A zen space is easy on the body, mind and soul. Dressing will be less stressful and more inspiring.
  • Use one kind/color of hanger for a zen look.
  • Decorate your closet like you would any other room. Fill in empty spaces on shelves, walls and floors with art, books, mirrors, photographs, keepsakes, and heirlooms to make the space warm, inviting and personal. Display those items you love, but don’t fit, by hanging them on walls or placing them on mannequin forms.
  • Display jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, bags…all your accessories, in a beautiful way, so you can appreciate them, even when you aren’t wearing them.
  • Create your color scheme based on your favorite clothing colors so the whole closet is cohesive. Choose containers and display items to coordinate with your color palette.
  • Decorate walls, shelves, and containers with paint, colored wrapping paper, fabric, and trim to make them beautiful and coordinate with the color scheme.

Click here to see a recent closet makeover with more storage and display ideas. Here are more examples of pretty closets and display ideas. Do you have closet storage, organizing or decorating ideas? Or pics of your own closet makeover? If so, please share them in the comments below!


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