Workshop: Unleash Your Prince Charming

prince charming - b873b5ad-6928-4eee-8d5a-b0a203e18b95Unleashing Your Prince Charming

What Happened To Your Man? The one who was happy to see you, did thoughtful things, took you fun places, lived to make you happy?

Have you:

  • Grown apart?
  • Lost your connection?
  • Turned into someone you don’t really like?
  • Resorted to nagging, bullying, punishing or withholding to get what you want?

The good news is, your Prince is still in there, buried inside…and you can transform your relationship

 In this 4-part workshop series, you’ll learn:

  • To heal the resentment, rejection, regret, rage and grudges
  • A powerful communication tool that creates instant connection
  • How to inspire him instead of beating him into submission
  • The hidden cost of compromise and what to do instead
  • How to bring back the fun and turn up the heat

 Workshops are for women and men.

For info or registration, contact Sarah Shah
Phone: (617) 501-8055

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