Product: Magic Makeup Eraser

Magic Makeu Eriser Film Strip

My sister put the Magic Makeup Eraser in my Christmas stocking this year.  I loved the idea…a reusable cloth that takes the place of disposable makeup wipes. Saves money! Reduces Waste! But does it work? I was a little skeptical at first, but after using it for two months with all kinds of makeup…yes, it does!

This lux, soft, antibacterial, reusable microfiber cloth removes ALL the makeup – eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation – with just warm water. Here’s how to use it:
1. Wet the cloth with warm water.
2. Use the side without the tag to wipe off all your makeup.
3. If you want, use the other side (with the tag) for exfoliation.
4. The cloth is very long and is designed to be used all week. Start at one end of the cloth, so you have lots of clean area left for tomorrow and the day after…
5. Launder the cloth with all your other towels.
6. Reuse week after week.
7. Skip disposable wipes and reduce your weekly trash for years.

I loved how the original Magic Makeup Eraser worked, but I didn’t love having to reuse the cold wet cloth day after day. I found a set of mini Magic Makeup Erasers at Nordstrom  …so now I have a clean dry makeup eraser every day. 🙆‍💟 At the time of publishing this post, it looks like the mini sets are sold out…the sets get re-designed every so often, so search for “Mini Magic Makeup Eraser,” “Travel Magic Makeup Eraser,” and “Magic Makeup Eraser 7-day set.”

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