Getting Great Photos at CandyTopia

Candytopia is back in Houston! It’s an interactive candy wonderland – playful in person with fun backdrops for photos (family portraits, group shots, fashion blogging). Candytopia is one of the more successful of the instgrammable galleries (Big Ass Balloon Rooms, Flower Fault, Fomo Factory, Macy’s Story, etc). What makes it work?

  • The floors are integrated into the photo scenes, making for immersive photo experiences.
  • Every gallery has a docent to take photos for you, assist with photos ideas and guide you through the space.
  • Photo stations make it easy to take and share great shots.
  • Big mix of galleries from the Confetti Room, Flower Playland, inspiring jelly bean Art Museum with recreations of Beyonce, The Scream, Frieda, the Mona Lisa, and 3D candy ocean and jungle scenes.

Here are some tips for getting the best photos from your visit.

  1. Wear bright colors or white so you look like you are part of the scene.
  2. Bring friends! More friends = more fun!
  3. Most of the items available in the gift shop and candy treasure chests in each gallery are too small to make an impact. So, bring some colorful props – big lollipops, cotton candy, balloons, bubblegum, plush toys, oversized glasses…
  4. Check the #candytopia feed before you go, for posing, props and photo strategy ideas.
  5. In the optical illusion scenes, place your body parallel to the illusion lines, so you appear to be part of the illusion instead of floating over it.
  6. Get your personal QR code at the entrance to take advantage of the photo stations.
  7. At the photo stations, look for the donut cam before scanning your QR code, so you know where to look for the best photo. keep your arms and body behind your head to avoid casting shadows on your face.
  8. All the galleries are lit from above and some are super dark or totally dark. Galleries with the best lighting are the confetti room, optical illusions and beach balls and flower play land. For the other areas, you’ll need to organize your own lighting to get a great shot.
  9. Ask the docents for help. They will take photos for you and give you advice for the best ways to get a good pic.

Thank you for the invite @haydenrome and DPWPR!

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