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TV Segment: Holiday Rental Fashions

TV Segment: Holiday Rental Fashions

This segment appears on Great Day Houston on December 6, 2012. Photos, sources and tips are below the video clip.

Do you keep wearing your one and only “Holiday Dress” to every holiday function, year after year? Have tons of holiday events and want to wear something different to each one? The usual solution is to buy new dresses and outfits, some that you’ll only wear once. That option can be impractical and expensive.

Men have been renting tuxedos for years, now there are rental options for women. This is a great option if you want to wear something mind-blowing for a special event or for items you’ll only wear once.

Fashion rental sites give you access to an unlimited closet of designer options…so you can dress like a superstar without the celebrity price tag. If you are vacationing in a different climate, you can even rent a whole week’s worth of clothes that are perfect for that weather.

Here are some national rental websites you may have heard of:

Houston has a rental option too! New For The Night. They rent current season, designer dresses you would find at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. You keep them for three days (or longer for a small additional fee) and the company handles the dry-cleaning and shipping. You can order online or visit the showroom to try your dress before you rent. If you are traveling, they will even ship your dress to your destination.

Here are the dresses from New For The Night displayed on the mannequins:

Kid’s clothing can be rented too! Kids clothes are expensive and special event clothes usually get worn only once because kids grow out of them so fast. rents designer clothes for girls and will be adding boys clothing next year.


Her’s what the models are wearing:

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