TV Segment: Tailoring Transformations

This segment began airing on the Livewell  Network on March 17.

Thank you Paige, Christina and Kara for donating your “bad” clothes and modeling the befores and afters! Special thanks to  Nick Lopez Tailoring and Tailor Rolando Santiago for transforming the bad to fab!


Some people think tailoring is just an added expense. However, when a few tweaks can totally transform an outfit, it’s suddenly worth the money!

Here’s what we did…

Paige’s silver shirt – Before the shirt revealed her bra and was too voluminous for her frame. We changed the sloppy neckline to a high halter and added a band at the hem for a slimmer look. Cost of tailoring $46.

Kara’s cream bridesmaid’s dress – Before the dress was ill-fitting and impractical. We improved the fit of the top and added a colorful waistband and skirt. Now the useless dress is unique and totally wearable party dress. Cost of tailoring was a whopping $175 … worth it to Kara because now she has a dress that she loves and will wear to weddings, parties and on dates with her man.

Paige’s orange skirt – Before the skirt was boring and impractical. We shortened the hem and added a fun pleated flounce to the back. Now the skirt is unique, fun and so much more wearable. Cost of tailoring $60

Christina’s sack dress – Before the dress was shapeless and added 10 pounds to her figure. We changed the neckline and took in the waist. Now the dress is flattering and Christina feels more confident when she wears it. Cost of tailoring $45.

Paige’s red leather skirt – Before the skirt was WAY too big and stuck in the 1990s. We shortened it and tapered it info a pencil skirt. Now it’s timeless, sexy and flatters her figure. She can wear it to work or on a date with her Honey. Cost of tailoring $60.

Tailoring is really about turning clothes you like into clothes you absolutely love.
When deciding whether to tailor, look at the cost of the tailoring, the cost of the original garment and add that together. Then, determine if the new garment is going to be worth that to you and if you’re going to wear it a lot.

Tailoring Tips:

  • Most people think off-the-rack clothing should fit them. But it’s made from a generic pattern and doesn’t fit anyone perfectly. Almost everyone has a body part that doesn’t fit the generic mold –  shoulders that are broader or narrower, a waist that is bigger or smaller, a booty that is fuller or flatter, legs that are longer or shorter. You know your part. It’s the one that is hard to fit and frustrates you. The trick is to find a garment that fits that part and then alter the rest.
  • Well tailored clothing lifts your bottom, smooth your bulges and shrinks your waist.
  • Most clothing can be made smaller or shorter. Some items can be made longer or bigger.
  • Inexpensive fixes — size of waistband, length of sleeves/pants/skirts, etc.
  • Expensive fixes  jacket shoulders, bias cut dresses and blouses, items with intricate beadwork, embroidery, or stitching.
  • Before you go wash/dry new items.
  • Before buying a garment that is too tight or short, check to see if there’s room in the seams to let it out/down.
  • Keep the tags so you can return new items if they can’t be altered.

How much should you spend on tailoring? Experts recommend reserving about 20% of your wardrobe budget for tailoring. It’s OK to pay more for tailoring than you paid for the original garment, if you are happy with the total price of final garment.

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