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This TV segment began airing on Mirror/Mirror on the LivewellHD network in August 2010 in 11 cities (NY, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Fresno, Raleigh/Durham, Flint, and Toledo. To watch the story, click on the video below or this link

Why not keep your favorite clothes and accessories looking great for as long as you can? Here are some tips for extending the life of clothes and shoes.

1. Underarm stains can make a beautiful blouse unwearable. Take a tip from the guys and wear a short-sleeve T under dresses, blouses and sweaters. The t-shirt will absorb perspiration and deoderant stains. Or use disposable underarm shields inside the armpit of your clothes. The shield will block sweat and deodorant from penetrating the fabric of your garments.

2. Extend the life of your bras by letting them rest for a day between wearings. The rest period allows the elastic in the bra to spring back so it doesn’t get permanently stretched out.

3. Unzipped zippers can snag other clothing in the washing machine and dryer. Before washing anything with a zipper, zip it all the way up. You can even put it in a lingerie bag to keep the zippers away from other clothing.

4. Wash whites immediately after every wearing. Perspiration, body oils, perfumes may not be visible, but they will turn whites to yellows or grays over time if they stay on the clothing. Wash clothes in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. Use bleach or borax for extra whitening. For best results, dry for a few minutes in the dryer and finish by hang-drying in the sunshine. The sun will gently whiten and brighten your whites.

5. Frequent washings can fade dark clothes. Minimize washings and wash darks with clothing turned inside out in cold water on a short wash cycle. For best results, dry darks in the dryer for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out and finish drying on a rack.

6. Regular detergent and detergents made for wool break down the elastic in delicate clothing and lingerie. Wash delicates by hand in the sink with a little Ivory Snow or Lingerie Wash. If you have to wash them in the washing machine, place your lingerie in a lingerie bag and wash in cold water on delicate cycle. Taking extra care with your delicates will keep them in great condition and make them last longer.

7. The dryer is very hard on delicates, spandex and elastic. For best results, dry lingerie on a drying screen to maintain their shape. For delicate clothing and athletic wear, dry them in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes to remove any wrinkles and finish drying on a rack.

8. To keep your athletic shoes smelling sweet, switch to wool socks. Wool absorbs moisture and wicks it away. This makes it harder for the stinky bacteria to grow.

9. Protect your pretty shoes, don’t wear them to drive. Driving damages the backs and heels of your shoes. When your foot is on the accelerator, the back of your shoe is in contact with the floor mat and gets scuffed. For driving, change into moccasins that are specially made for driving. These mocs have protective rubber grommets on the soles and backs of the shoes to protect the finish (Minnetonka Driving Mocs from, $63) . And they are sturdy enough to wear when you get out of your car at a gas station to pump gas. Keep your pretty shoes in a protective bag in your car and put them on when you arrive at your destination.

10. Store your favorite shoes with wooden shoe trees. The trees absorb perspiration and keep your shoes in shape. Take the shoes you wear regularly to a cobbler every 6-months for a check up. The cobbler will replace heels and soles, clean up scuffs and marks, and polish them so they resist stains and water spots. This preventative care will keep them looking like new.

This TV segment was inspired by Real Simple Magazine

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