TV Segment: How To Dress Your Booty

This story aired on Great Day Houston on February 3, 2015. The tips and product info are below. A special thanks to Dillard’s and Tees By Tina for providing the clothing, accessories and props. Thanks for watching!

2014 was the year of the booty. Ladies with full backsides like Nikki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian are celebrated. These ladies have some advantages – they know how to pose just right to make their fannies look their best. They have professional stylists and fashion designers who know the styles that flatter their figures. Their images also get photo-shopped to smooth their skin, erase cellulite, lift their sags and perfect their shape.

nikki minaj booty squattingjennifer-lopez grammy dresskim kardashian booty

In real life, we don’t have photoshop, but there are some ways to flatter your figure, smooth, lift and create the illusion of a smaller or bigger booty.

Foundations For The Rear-End

There are many foundations to help you smooth, slim, lift and even enhance your fanny.

Shapewear: A full-body torsette smooths your hips, rear-end and waist, without creating muffin tops, panty lines or cutting across your thighs.

Padded Panties: To enhance your rear-end, there are padded panties. This type of panty can give you up to 2-inches more fullness. There are some that will also give you a lift. Some have the padding built in and some have removable foam or silicon inserts.

  • Bottoms Up Panty, Fashion Forms, Dillard’s $16

Models: Real-World Examples

Here are some real-world women who have trouble dressing their bottoms.

Veronica - stretch dressModel 1 – Veronica

Veronica has full hips and is frustrated because clothing that fits her waist is too small for her hips and clothing that fits her hips is way to big for the rest of her body. Typically, she wears darker colors on her lower half to make her hips look more narrow, but that doesn’t work very well for her.

A stretch dress is perfect for Veronica. This dress from Tees By Tina stretches where you need, so there’s no gapping at the Veronica’s waist and it fits her hips perfectly. The texture hides little imperfections.

Veronica has a perfect hourglass figure – meaning her hips and shoulders are the same width and her waist is small. She already has perfect proportions, so we don’t want to mess that up. Hour-glass figures should always clothes that are the same darkness/ligntness on the top and bottom.

Nicole - fit & flareModel 2 – Nicole

Nicole has isn’t sure what styles are flattering for her rear-end. She’s also a little self-conscious about her tummy.

This fit-and-flare dress is perfect for women who have a thicker waist and a booty because it balances out the proportions. The flared skirt camouflages Nicole’s booty. The flared skirt and semi-circular cut-outs make her waist look smaller, giving her the illusion of an hour-glass figure.

Heather - backwardsModel 3 – Heather

Heather was told she has a bubble butt and now she’s self-conscious about that. She also has some cellulite on her bottom and thighs. Even though she is slim, she has things about her body that she would like to change.

Color blocking and princess seaming is great for slimming the waist, hips and booty (Jennifer Lopez uses this trick a lot). We did something really crazy with this Vince Camuto dress. We Dress Collage - dressing for your bootyturned it around so Heather is actually wearing it backwards. This way we put all the illusion on the backside where she needs it. The white striping gives Heather the appearance of a flatter bottom.

Model 4 – Yolanda

Yolanda has the opposite issue. She would like more booty. Sometimes she wears her booty panties, especially under jeans, to give her a little bit more. For her, the booty panties doesn’t work as well under skirts because the panties tend to sag.

Yolanda - stretch skirtIf you want more volume on the fanny area, there are a couple strategies that work. Wear something body-conscious to make the most of what you do have. This stretch skirt from Tees by Tina hugs Yolanda’s bottom, so you can see it has shape and looks full.

The horizontal diamond pattern makes her bottom look wider. Also, wear a lighter color on the bottom and a darker color on top. This color combination minimizes your upper-half, making the rest of you look fuller.


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