Workshop – Are You Ready For TV?

You’ve got great ideas, are passionate about what you do, and want to get the word out. TV seems like a great opportunity and it is. But the truth is, it takes way more than that to get it on TV. And even more to get results from your appearance.

If you do get the opportunity to pitch yourself to a producer, would you make one of the the three biggest mistakes amateurs make? Do you know what successful guests know?

Are You Delivering Killer Content? Or Is Your Content Killing You?

Doing the things everyone tells you to do to get on TV doesn’t really work. Doing those things doesn’t give the producers what they want.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Producers Reject Potential First-Time Guests:
1. The topics suggested are stale. Or worse yet, no story ideas are suggested at all.
2. The ideas lack visual interest and interaction.
3. The Producer’s work-load and time constraints are ignored.

Each TV appearance is a make or break opportunity. The biggest single TV opportunity killer is bad delivery. This is what it looks like to go on TV without preparation

Watch this TV segment until the very end for the worst offence –

Here is another example. The guest’s speech impediment can be overlooked. Her real offence is the delivery and incongrous image.

Yes! YOU Can Have Great TV Content

Before you can get on TV, you’ve got to know what producers want and be prepared to deliver the information in a way that works for the medium.

This is what it looks like to got on TV with coaching (this was her FIRST time on TV and she got invited back 4 more times). Click here to watch

This workshop provides the tools to create great TV stories that get you booked on TV.

In this workshop you’ll
– Learn the top 3 reasons first-timers get booked on TV and invited back
– Create 1-2 story ideas that are fun and interesting for you
– Get 1 story idea “TV ready” and the tools to make your other ideas work
– Practice delivering your TV content
– Learn how to pitch to TV producers in a way that gets their attention

You’ll also have the option to attend a TV Station Field Trip where you’ll
– Experience a real live tv show from the inside
– Tour the studio and behind the scenes of the show
– Q & A with real producers

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